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I have decided to take this blog in an entirely new direction for a while.


I have been a regular followeer of conservative political blogs, and I have noticed with increasing dismay the bias of some of the writers and more of the commenters aginst Mitt Romney. I began commenting (I have been a lurker and very infrequient commetner at a couple of them for some years), and I began following the election coverate of one of the elections,  Michigan primary election, and was suprised to notice how much I wanted Romey to win it, and feared that he would not.. Something woke up..a caring and a passion that I have not felt in a long time and thought dead or dormant.


Recent actions by President Barack Obama have turn suspicion into near certainty. He is an evil man who destroy the protections of the First Amendment on freedom of religion and conscience, rule by decree, establish laws to support and promoe wickedness.  If he wins reelection, he and his supporters will tear away the remaing shreds of the Constitution, which have become badly frayed. 


This entirely supersedes my semi-private pursuit of knowledge and development of my knowledge base.


I love my country and cannot bear to stand by and watch helplessly in a time of crisis.  I have little if any power or influence or audience, but what voice I have, I must raise. It would be grossly negligent of me  to see what I see, and know what I know, and say nothing. I cannot,  I dare not be silent.  





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