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Hello, reader


Many years ago when I was doing some independent study in the BYU library, I began outling possible careers or industries. Before I knew it, this outline had blossomed into a vision of the unity of knowledge.  Rather more recently, after wrestling with paper-and-pencil and some computer  versions, I decided to put it on the Internet, under the name of Sapience Knowledge Base. 


At about the same time I started the current version (now 5 years old)   Although I  have several old blogs on Blogger, this latest attempt is new. I'm reusing the title of my first one, since it fits the theme of what I will be discussing.


The  original "From the Ground" mostly discussed a hike across part of the country, until I reached where I now live. I decided to stop including some of my personal information, and started a new one, "Independent Learning", which mostly discussed the Sapience Knowledge Base, and another,  "Confutus Says", which had some of my commentary on current events.  I've decided to merge the two again under the old title.  I consider this as something of an intellectual journal, and I hope that readers find things here worth reading.







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