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I have been regularly lurking at politically conservative blogs, such as Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, Instapundit and the like for some time. I've noticed that Mitt Romney gets fairly little respect, even though he established a lead in the race for the Republican nominations. These are some of the reasons I favor him.


Romney's family life is free of major scandals. No adultery, no divorce, no embarassing pecadillos that would allow opponents to portray him as a hypocrite. He is well educated, with graduate degrees in business and law, as is Santorum. In economic matters, Romney has a clear advantage. Although born to a wealthy family, Romney aquired most of his wealth through his own efforts as a business manager and ventura capitalist. He had a record as a turnaround artist, one who took struggling companies and made them successful,  He was also credited with rescuing the 2002 Winter Olympics from scandal and financial disaster.  Romney's Mormonism is poorly known and unpopular, and he has avoided discussing it in public, but he has a ministerial background, serving as an appointed leader of a congregation and presided over a multi-congregational group. He has had an equivocal position on abortion, but opposed the introduction of same-sex marriage. He has not made religious-related issues a center of his campaing, but has focused on economic issues.   He ran for office as Senator against Ted Kennedy and was not elected, but has served as governor of Massachussets, giving him valuable executive experience in state government. His run for the Presidency in 2008 has given him nationwide name recognition. He has put together a well-managed and competent national campaign, compared to those of his rivals.


Although his political positions are not purely conservative, he has a strong resume of qualifications for the job.  Whether his political philosophy and orientation are acceptable to conservatives is a subect for another post.





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