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I'm willing to agree with those who think that the opposition to Obama's proposed speech on education has been much overplayed.  On the other hand,  it's a sign that a large and increasingly vocal segment of the American public no longer trusts him in any way.


He has developed something of a  reputation for saying whatever is politically expedient, even if it contradicts what he said last year, last month, or five minutes ago. He often does not say what he means, and often does not mean what he says.  If he can be trusted for anything, it is to be a large-government redistributionist of the Robbin' Hood variety.   He campaigned on "Hope and Change", but what he has delivered is too much same-old, same-old: either the worst of the Bush administration, (however you define that "worst")
 or the kind of socialism that  went out of fashion in the 1980s.


I wouldn't attempt to keep students from hearing  the speech. However, I would want to read it first, and a bit more carefully than Congress manages to read multi-billion dollar appropriations legislation.





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