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I have been reworking much of the "future" section, and now have it just about straightened out. The future in general and the near future had been connected to most of the nations in my nations list, but those weren't linked back to it. Adding in those links will be an ongoing project. Next month isn't quite in as bad a state, but it wasn't linked as far in the first place. The "Next week" page is a renamed version of a duplicate of June 2011, which is about when I last worked on the future, and still has more reference to past events than anticipaled and upcoming ones. I'm still working on cleaning that up. In order to keep up with current events, it's necessary for me to stay with the moving boundary between last week and next week.


I have made progress in analysis of the year so far, and I'm further ahead in connecting week 7 (Feb 11-18) than I was in connecting week 6 at this same time last week.  I'm not going quite as far or fast as I was in dividing up events among nations as I was a couple of months ago; I want to make more links to governmental and political affairs.


It's evident that events in the Middle East occupy a disproportionate share of attention in the news. I speculate that this is largely due to hidden religious influence, and the passion stirred by religious belief, especially when mingled with politics as it is in that part of the world.  But that isn't a firm conclusion, not yet, anyway.





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