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I started off with a look at the future, still more semi-mechanical connections of nations and cities to periods of the future. I don't want to spend too much time with this, but it's hard to avoid.  I am trying to speed up the development of the 2010 page, partly so I can finish the bridge to current events (the current event end keeps moving, and that year-end requires more constrution than a simple month end.).  I have a little more refinement to do on my bridge to current events. I needed to separated the Peoples of the world pages from the Sociology pages, and then separate Western Civilization pages from the Peoples of the world pages. I got most of this done, but there is still more to go.

I started making more of the end connections with December 2009, which involved rather more work than I had anticipated.

For one thing, once I got into it, I found that government was quite a bit messier., and I couldn't split events the way I had anticipated. I'm going to have to approach this more through particular governments, rather than going along functional lines.  My studies of political science are at a fairly unsophisticated level, and I've long had the notion that I need to develop my understanding using particular exampes taken from history and from around the world, rather adopt one of the various conflicting and contradictory theoretical approaches.

For another, the events I group under culture are going to be more numerous than i expected.  Behavioral culture is the more complicated area, and its biggest divisions are cultural events and sports, recreation and entertainnent.  Cultural events include holidays, gatherings, and is going to be heavy on disasters, natural disasters and otherwise. The sports, recreation, and entertainment is also going to have quite a few reported events. Well, this is partly why I backed off on the analysis I was doing a year ago. However, I have enough of the necessary structure in place that I can continue moving forward.






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