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I took something of an unplanned break for a week or so, but I'm back at work on the Knowledge base, with a few more rounds done.


History in general is frozen for now. I can't do much more with it until I add pages to other sections of the base, so all the productive work will be at lower levels. I am working with classical and medieval history, which still has connections that can be made. Modern history is likewise frozen. Here, I am doing some work in each century, including the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th. The part getting the most work is the 20th century, which is close to being frozen, but not quite there. There, I am doing work from the mid 20th century, approximately World War II, onward, mostly in connecting more nations. I'm also nearly frozen in the early 21st century, but not quite there yet, and I haven't been working on the latest details. I've started working on the future, at least, on connecting nations.


Sociology in general is also frozen. Peoples of the world is also frozen, but there is some work being done in connecting culture. I still haven't released nations for further development because there are so many areas where I need to get caught up with what I already have. I have been working with Western Civilization, mostly in connecting education. I have started up again with the Anglic peoples, and would like to get to their history, because splitting out their 20th century will free up US history, and that's one of the huge fat files I'm trying to break down. There is also some work in Latin and Germanic peoples to be done. For several rounds, I've been trying to get to Asiatic peoples, and I finally got to the point where I could split out the 20th century, only to find that that's still a fat file that will need to be split. But others will have to come ahead of it. African peoples are being connected to social structure and change. American Indian peoples are still being connected to nations. I've begin connecting communities to specific nations, when there has been at least once city assigned all the way to a country. Social structure and change, and more specifically, social change, are being considered also.


Institutions in general aren't quite frozen, since I'm working with cities and Anthropology, but I should be getting close. I've been working with religion, and particular religions, and government.  Culture has a fair amount of connection with nations still to do, and some with economics. Anthropology is being connected to nations and to government.  Personal studies is being connected to personal studies and to religion,  and Science is  also being connected with nations and religion.


In general, most of the work is getting poured into connections to nations and peoples of the world, most of which don't have much content yet.  However, these connections are starting to fill up. As I start separating out sociology pages,  there will be more attention going to the institutions and culture, and as some of these pages start to get developed, there will be more interesting content. This will also start pushing me into working with the lower-level subdivisions, where more of the really interesting things will start to happen.




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