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Posted By Confutus

I'm still working on the bridge to current events. I separated out the links to anthropology from the main history page, the links to institutions from the 20th century page, and sociology from the late 20th century. I also separated out the use of institutions by sociology and the 20th century history of peoples of the world.

Posted By Confutus

Although I worked on the bridge to current events for a couple of rounds, I didn't hit any significant milestones. I did take a minute to connect a few nations to African peoples, which set off a chain reaction. For one, all the nations so far on the list have a listed connection to Africa. For another, I am now free to consider other aspects of African peoples. I am also free to examine nations connected to American Indian peoples. There were enough connections made to Eastern Africa that I was able to divide up this group of peoples, which can now be applied to all other pages where East AFrica is connected.





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