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I have the events of 2012 caught up to last Saturday (Feb 11), but not much analysis done yet. I've also begun redeveloping the "Future" section of the knowledge base. Since I have pieces of it six months, a year, and two years old, there is still a bit of work to do on clearing out the old stuff, and replacing it with new. 



Posted By Confutus

The latest update to the site is now up on the web. I now have major historical events through 2011 and up to February 4 of the current year.

I hae begun reworking the "Future" section of the history site and its links to other areas. Parts of this are up to four years out of date, so this is very much in need of a cleanup. I hope to be including more commentary on current and near future events, but not quite yet.

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I've been working extensively on the interconnections between historical periods. In general, connections to earlier historical periods give background information, while those to later historical periods have analysis and interpretation.  The major divisions of Prehistory, antiquity, modern history, and the future all now have references to other history moved to separate pageg, which change their layout significantly: This will appear on the next update.


As I go into the finer subdivisions of history, it becomes more and more important to link periods together, especially to the more recent ones. I had set keeping track of current events aside while I worked on the interconnections of history and connecting nations with institutions, culture, and anthropology, but I have resumed the recent history. . I now have events of 2011 for every week of the year, which will shortly allow for more interpretation.


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It looks like I'm going to have to pause to focus on a a particular area again; the connections of particular cities to other areas. I visited the site I use as a source for cities and urban agglomerations, and there have been several changes in the size rankings. I'm not especially looking forward to this, but it needs to be done.


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The last update to the SKB of the last year, dated December 31, 2011  is up.  Since the 8th birthday of the site has come and gone, and it's a new year, I thought I would review my plans for the coming year.

I will be giving more attention to older history than just current events, although this will also get attention.  There is still quite a bit of interconnection among historical periods to catch up with. For the analysis,  I expect to be able to catch up to events of last year, current events, and extend the analysis back a year or so.  I am also picking up my examination of the future agaiin.


It may be a while before I add new nations, since so many of those I alreay have need better development. I am currently working on connecting particular nations to various aspects of the social institutions, still in general terms, but Culture and anthropology will come next. I hope to get to the biographies. I am also adding new cities and distributing them among peoples and nations.


I will be working more intensively with the social institutions, including government, religion, economics, and education. These are still too vague and general, and I hope to get more specific. I will also be working with the areas of culture, and hope to get more specific with these, also.


In the area of anthropology. The analysis of last year's events should prompt the addition of more particular groups sometime during the year, and I am beginning more direct examination and interconnection of the specific areas.


I have also been indirectly doing a little work with biographies, as prompted by some periods of history, and I expect this to contine. The biography list is a few years out of date with current political figures, and has few other personalities of  note. The analysis of history and current events is approaching the point where I should be able to add more. 

The additions to science have mostly been indirect, but I expect to be able to pick up direct examination again sometime later this year.


Overall, I expect to reach a level of detail that will make this significantly more useful. For now, it's more of a question generating machine, but more on that later.



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