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One of the things that I learned in my various studies when I was practicing my analysis was tthat when I have a big list of things to classify, it doesn't work as well to try to impose a classification from the start. Instead, it works better to look for similarities and use them to begin forming groups. Eventlually, enough similarities arise that a classification begins to emerged. 


This is relevant because as I begin to go further into the analysis of history, there are certain themes beginning to emerge: Things such as a homosexual rights movement and homosexual marriage;  political protest, ecology, and so forth. Movements such as these have been given fairly little attention in knowledge base, but are significant in the media and media reports.  In order to give substance and meaning to history, I need to give attention to these movements.  I have been waiting to do so until I had enough detail from nations and countries to start giving these more attention. 


I've also started going back through the blog archives  to update the comment tags, and I was talking about this same idea of following the data as it came out of current events from the beginning. It's finally starting to happen.


In a similar fashion, I have been waiting to give more serious attention to things such as government and religion until the data began to demand it, which it is beginning to do. More of this will be coming during the coming year, as I work back in history from the end of 2009 and forwards from January 1 of this year.  





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