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I've already mentioned the Fort Hood shootings: The evidence is piling up that the perpetrator was indeed motivated by the same Islamist beliefs that motivated the attacks on the World Trade Cener eight years ago.  This act was a violation of his oath of enlistement as an officer, a betrayal of his fellow soldiers, arguably treason "making war on the United States", and coldblooded, premeditated murder.  Even by tenets of the religion he professed, he was an oathbreaker and a murderer. Justice demands that he be given the exact degree of mercy he gave to the 14 dead (ai;m counting the unborn child, too) and the 40 odd wounded he left.  


The proposal to try the terrorists responsible for Sept 11, 2001 in New Yokr City under the same protections afforded US Citizens, has sparked outrage.  This is because, at least since the Warren Court of the 1950s, the US criminal justice system is biased in favor of the accused, and everyone knows it.  There is a non-negligible possiblity that these men will walk free for any number of reasons: Bias of the judge,  technicalities regarding admissibility of evidence,  manipulation of the jury selection process,  or any other reasons.  For those who remember the OJ Simplson trial, and saw his legal team turn his trial for murder into the trial of the LAPD for racism and win, it is not unreasonable to fear that a legal team of experts funded by oil money could turn this into a trial of the american government., and that the legal process of discovery will uncover information that ought not be revealed to our enemies.  The outrage and the fear is because we cannot be assured that the judicial process will actually  convict those who are clearly guilty.


Then there is Obama's latest diplomatic blunder in bowing to the Emperor of Japan.  It is longstanding precedent that the President of the US, as a head of state in his own right, does not bow to any foreign monarch. This makes a mockery of earlier protestations that he wasn't really bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia a few months ago.






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