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I started off with a look at the future, still more semi-mechanical connections of nations and cities to periods of the future. I don't want to spend too much time with this, but it's hard to avoid.  I am trying to speed up the development of the 2010 page, partly so I can finish the bridge to current events (the current event end keeps moving, and that year-end requires more constrution than a simple month end.).  I have a little more refinement to do on my bridge to current events. I needed to separated the Peoples of the world pages from the Sociology pages, and then separate Western Civilization pages from the Peoples of the world pages. I got most of this done, but there is still more to go.

I started making more of the end connections with December 2009, which involved rather more work than I had anticipated.

For one thing, once I got into it, I found that government was quite a bit messier., and I couldn't split events the way I had anticipated. I'm going to have to approach this more through particular governments, rather than going along functional lines.  My studies of political science are at a fairly unsophisticated level, and I've long had the notion that I need to develop my understanding using particular exampes taken from history and from around the world, rather adopt one of the various conflicting and contradictory theoretical approaches.

For another, the events I group under culture are going to be more numerous than i expected.  Behavioral culture is the more complicated area, and its biggest divisions are cultural events and sports, recreation and entertainnent.  Cultural events include holidays, gatherings, and is going to be heavy on disasters, natural disasters and otherwise. The sports, recreation, and entertainment is also going to have quite a few reported events. Well, this is partly why I backed off on the analysis I was doing a year ago. However, I have enough of the necessary structure in place that I can continue moving forward.



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As I mentioned at the first of the year, I intend to put a bigger focus on other areas besides simply connecting nations. Although there will be a certain amount of maintenance and keeping up with current events and the like, there will be a bigger focus on nations.

To this general end, I did a certain amount of analysis of December 2009, just to get a sense of closure on the addition of some aids topics.


I also did a certain amount of updating to the early 21st century history of Western civilization and  Anglic peoples. (This is obstinately refusing to fatten up enough that I can excuse splitting off the 20th century, which is necessary before I can split the overly fat US history file. ) There are enough connections to the United Kingdom that I have moved this into its own file so I can split the page and create a history for it.  Asiatic peoples, communities, social structure and change have also hade some improvements, mostly in linking the early 21st century and some of the last dozen nations added.

The history of Institutions now has a modern history page, and the application of institutions to culture has also been split off into a separate page. 



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One of the things that I learned in my various studies when I was practicing my analysis was tthat when I have a big list of things to classify, it doesn't work as well to try to impose a classification from the start. Instead, it works better to look for similarities and use them to begin forming groups. Eventlually, enough similarities arise that a classification begins to emerged. 


This is relevant because as I begin to go further into the analysis of history, there are certain themes beginning to emerge: Things such as a homosexual rights movement and homosexual marriage;  political protest, ecology, and so forth. Movements such as these have been given fairly little attention in knowledge base, but are significant in the media and media reports.  In order to give substance and meaning to history, I need to give attention to these movements.  I have been waiting to do so until I had enough detail from nations and countries to start giving these more attention. 


I've also started going back through the blog archives  to update the comment tags, and I was talking about this same idea of following the data as it came out of current events from the beginning. It's finally starting to happen.


In a similar fashion, I have been waiting to give more serious attention to things such as government and religion until the data began to demand it, which it is beginning to do. More of this will be coming during the coming year, as I work back in history from the end of 2009 and forwards from January 1 of this year.  


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I've probably complained before that work on the knowledge base can sometimes be mechanical and tedious. However, the development of the last quarter has paid off with an unexpected feeling of satisfaction.

Development of the future is still on the mechanical side, and so is connecting nations to 2010 and the first quarter. I am reminded again that here is no sharp break between events of January 2010 and those of December 2009.


However, the analysis of events is one of the more satisfying areas of work. Most of the compilation and categorization of events has been rather hasty and crude, and needs to be refined. .As a sample, in the analysis of events of December, I've begun with the United Kingdom. Several events of the first couple of weeks can also be examined under categories of social change, government, and the like. This will continue with each nation I examine.   The connection of more communities will allow more detailed analysis of the larger nations.  As events are added to social structure and change, various social trends and movements  will begin to take shape.  The institutions and culture aids sections of December 2009 will have more events and will require closer examination. Right now, I'm also linking various areas of anthropology, since several of these will be connected when I have a more thorough analysis.

For November 2009, I'm doing the same kind of thing, although I'm a little bit further behind.  I had done some of October, but set this aside for now while I concentrate on the more recent months.

I haven't forgotten earlier periods: The third quarter 2009, for September  I've finally done the rough categoriziation of events by major group of peoples, and August 2009 is also undergoing an analysis of events. Earlier periods are mostly set aside for now.


I've also been making progress on the connections of high-level areas. Institutions are now connected as far as the rest of the knowledge base permits, Further progress will depend on its subdivisions.  Culture, Anthropology,  Personal studies, and Science are also being connected, but have further to go.


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I hope this year goes better than the last one.


I posted the lastest batch of updates to the SKB last night, so all the work I have been describing for the past six weeks is now up and visible.


Work continues. There is minor progress in the early 2000s, which now has more nations connected than the late 20th century does. Within the late 2000s,  there is progress going on with 2007 and 2008. Within 2009, there is progress going on in linking nations to the first and second quarters, in analyzing events for July and August, and in categorizing them and connecting nations for September The Fourth quarter 2009 is almost complete. I also moved January 2010 from the future to the year 2010, which was prepared for it.


It has seemed oddly urgent for me to get caught up with connecting nations to particular months of the last quarter in time for the new year.  It will be another day or two for me to close out the old year, but doing this will allow me to comfortably start digging deeper into the analysis of historical events and particular nations.


There is not so much going on in the sociology section just yet. I am close to finishing out some additions to Western Civilization, still hung up on events of Anglic peoples, but I have copied some of the historical events of the last two months to the UK and to Ireland. This will start to give me something to work with.


Athough they doesn't seem to be quite heavily demanded just yet, I did some work on connecting Anthropology, Personal studies, and Science to Education, Economics, and Government respectively.





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