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I have finished a pass through the 18th century, which has brought better connection of religion, especially Abrahamic religion, government, and a little bit of economics to the periods. Th hs led me to look into things as diverse as Leeuwenhoek's microscope (actually invented first used in the 17th century). the writings of Voltaire, the invention of the steam engine and the associated Industrial revolution, and the first hot-air balloon (in the early 1780s). Small but importact facts such as these will be important in describing history.


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The latest pass through the 16th century has me thinking of the the social change I call modernization, which includes the invention of movable-type printing, the Reformation, western colonialism, exploration and discovery, and the scientific revolution, and possibly some others.  I have a few key figures in each, but not quite the detail of the 16th century I would like to have. I am doing a little better with the 17th century, and I have decided to sort historical figures within each period by age. 


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The latest past through history had me working on the late 17th century (1681 through 1700), and the 18th century. I'm still a bit sketchy on the details but the Industrial revolution begn in the 18th century. There was also the American Revolution, or war of independence, and the French Revolution. I've been able to add a few cities, little bit of religion and a little goernment, and but the biographical entries for each of the 20-year periods in birth ordeer. This will help the next time I go through this period.




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