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I'm making a little more progress in history. Antiquity isn't much improved by having more references to it in Western Civilization, because most developments were going on in Asia.  For classical and medieval times in general, I don't have a lot to report for the Middle East or South Asian peoples. For late medieval periods in particular, I've made progress in the Middle East, with references to the Abbasid Caliphate. Modern history isn't doing so well, but I am starting to bring in more information from African peoples.


Sociology in genral, social structure and change,  institutions, and culture are being applied to nations in much the same that history is. So far, there isn't as much real usable content as I would like, but having the connections in place makes room for it to be added later.


Posted By Confutus

I reached a couple of progress points on the SKB.  One of them is that all 144 nations listed on the site  are now linked to at least two external sources: the Wikipedia article and the CIA World factbook entry, in case users of the SKB want more detail. They should..most pages are not really in very good shape. Now that the basic pages for nations are in shape, I will be going through periods and topics with attention to nations, in order to fill in content I have been skipping over.  Another is that each nation has at least a skeletal summary. although in too many cases it amounts do "I don't know much". At least the form is there.


In classical and medieval history there is still quite a bit of work to do in filling in Asiatic peoples, but there has been some visible progress. In the 15th century I've at least made notes on things such as the Hundred Years War between England and France, the Wars of the Roses, and the Tudor dynasty, and the beginning of the Renaissance. It will probably be a while before there is much substance to this century, but there are now a couple of landmarks in place. The earlier centuries don't have much solid information.


Modern history in general is too general, but Western Civilization and nations of Asiatic peoples now have at least a skeleton. I can't go back very far for African peoples or American Indian peoples, so the modern history will be important.


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I've been doing a review of history, trying to regularize the coverage a little more. A while back I was pushing prehistory pretty hard, but I've gone back to working back toward it from the present. I didn't make much notable progress in antiquity, but this may improve when I get to details of Asiatic and other peoples. I've been doing a little work on late prehistory to the 5th millennium BC in Israel, but it may be a while before this gets added to the site. The information I have on  early antiquity in Europe isn't quite consistent,.  Most notably, I made some progress in Balkan peoples for the classical and medieval period.

so I have at least a few notes to go from. Modern history has had some minor progress.


   Partly this is because I have a whole lot to do in connecting nations. Modern history is rather far behind. Adding links to nations is going slowly..I'm working through West Africa, but I don't have much historical content for these yet, and for application of other areas of sociology to particular nations, I've only gone as far as the Latin peoples. Applying social structure and change and instutions is going more slowly.


Posted By Confutus

I decided to back off on making the connections to government and culture, and on following current events.

Instead, I've temporarily gone back to the older approach of working through history and expanding the connections of nations. Too many important developments in other areas require a deeper background of history.  Connecting Iraq and the Assyrian empire in early classical times was a significant achievement, and connecting Arabia to the origin of Islam was another. This isn't enough yet, but it is progress.

I have also begun something I've been putting off for much too long: going through the nations of the world and updating them. Some of these pages haven't been touched for a year and a half and going on two years. There should be an external link for each nation, and most of them don't have one yet. I also need an improved historical outline for each nations.  Considering all the work I've done on connecting historical periods for nations, there ought to be better connections going the other way around, and I need the external links to help fill in the details.  I've gone through Western Civilization doing these updates, but the rest of the world has a ways to go yet.

I've also added a few nations and cities. The nations aren't really that important, but I'm within a dozen or so of all the nations with a population of over 1 million, and these last few can prompt some important subdivisions of groups of peoples.  Communities will be more important in prompting subdivision of nations.  China will be the next one to go, and I'd like to get historical updates in place first.

I keep wanting to connect social structure and change in general  and Instututions in general to the development of nations, but I keep putting this off. I'm getting there.




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