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I've been trying to get the history section close enough to caught up on current events that I can start using the rest of the knowledge base to comment on them.  I should reach that point by tomorrow.

I notice that the same kinds of protests that resulted in the changes of governments in Tunisia and Egypt have begun to spread to Yemen, Algeria, and even Iran.  I don't trust that all the changes that come from the public protests will be good, but. I particularly like to see "emergency" degrees that have stood for over a decade being abandoned.


This is an entirely different matter from the protests going on over teacher's unions in Madison, Wisconsin.  Wisconsin isn't Egypt., Walker hasn't run things in Wisconsin by emergency decree for 30 years and hasn't been shooting protestors or journalists.The courage demonstrated by the Democratic State Senators who have left the state to avoid losing a vote is comparable to that of a student who ditches class to avoid flunking a test.

The teachgers can protest all they want, but throwing a public tantrum about their rights to force the state to pay them more than the state can afford  isn't likely to get them a whole lot of the respect and pay and benefits (mostly pay and benefits) they seem to think they deserve as professionals.


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I had been speculating that a couple of times already this year, government leaders had resigned within a few days of saying that they would not. I wonder whether this was bravado, or whether it is because they were informed that they had lost critical supporters. The latest example is Hosni Mubarak. I was wondering whether he would manage to rice this wave of protests out, but apparently not.  I don't know whether this is a victory for democracy, for anarchy, for Islamic fundamentalism, or something else. I do not expect that what comes will be quite as much an improvement as the protesters in the streets were hoping seldom is.


After a review of the events I have categorized since October of last year, I have at last come up with a tentative summary of events, for January. I'm still not quite sure how to handle the Wikileans web site which has been much in the news lately.

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One of the reasons I've been working more on recent history is to give me material to work with and motivation to study other areas.  I started about mid January with the idea of wrapping up the previous year, but I decided that events were getting old and I wanted to know what was going on more recently, so I've spent most of the past week or so furiously trying to get a bit more caught up on cateogrizing events of the year by nations and peoples. For each successive week, frrom early December of last year to last week, I have a few more nations, and the major political events categorized. I should be able to keep up with current events on a day-to-day besis, although a few days behind.


Before I try to comment on events, I want to be able to put more of them into context. I have an attempt at constructing a narrative history for January. This needs to be revised to account for progress in connecting events, and then I need to go through the major groups of peoples.  Many events are associated with Western Civilization. I have partial separation of British events from Anglic peoples in general, a good start at separating out the Latin American peoples, although not very many associated events, and a start at separating Balkan peoples.  There is, as usual, a lot going on in the Middle East, which is only partly separated out. Events in Tunisia and Egypt have been getting a lot of public attention. There is also a fair amount going on in Western Africa and Eastern Africa, which I note so far without much commentary.


More detailed interpretation depends on progress in religion, government, and economics. and one of the reasons I have been focusing on history is to provide more motivation to study these areas. Now that I'm more caught up on the current events, I hope to be able to put more effort into investigating them.

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About a month late. I have been working lately on recent history and current events, and this particular year marks the beginning of a new five year period.  I have enough of the fine subdivisions of history and peoples that this coming year, I expect to focus more on institutions such as religion, government, and economics, and using recent and current events to prompt examining those in more detail.


I have published a new update to the site,  the first in a few months. This one has connections to recent events at a finer level of subdivision: whole months were too much to work with conveniently, so I've beem looking at week-by-week examination. I also did some work on the other end, completing my list of elements and the periodic table, and adding pages for several elements to chemistry. 




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