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Posted By Confutus

Last week we had a momentary power failure...and my computer quietly expired. It refused to boot up. And I, like a fool, had neglected to back up my work on the Sapience web site. A year's worth of work is now inaccessible until I get my computer repaired.


It's worse than that. I don't have a current working copy. That would be nine years worth of work, if I start over from scratch.


And then, it\s not so bad. One of the major problems with the site as it exists is tht there is too much outline and not enough content:  a lot of internal links that lead to pages that don't have much new to add, and the like, and a lot of development that has run ahed of what I can back up. 

I have learned a great deal about how to manage and balance the development  of the site, and there are quite a few things that I would would do differenttly if I were to start over.


Here's my chance.




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