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No new updates yet, but I've been making slow, steady progress.


In history, I've been working mostly on nations in the 20th century, trying to fill in details of the nations that have been linked.  I haven't added as much detail as I hoped, but most nations have at least some reference to modern history and the 20th century, and most except African and American Indian peoples are linked to the early 21st century.

I am still a bit short on detail, and for this, I am going to have to go to sociology, institutions, culture, and so forth.


Peoples are being dragged along indirectly. For instance, there are many topics that have links to the United Kingdom, but it is not itself linked back to all of these.  Anglic peoples are fairly well developed, but many of the Latin peoples still need this kind of content. Asiatic peoples are also being considered. African peoples are now linked to modern history and the 20th century, to various aspects of social structure and change, to Institutions and religion. American Indian peoples are not far behind them.  

Social structure and change now has two-way links to all 144 nations.  Social change has been pushed ahead of other topics, so I am working a bit on specific social change and on social change processes and factors and getting a broader sample of nations to consider. For social types and social structure, I have also been getting reverse connections and a broader sample of peoples. 


Institutions in general have had nations connected back to them, but the specific institutions aren't as far along yet. Religion is almost done, except for a few communities, but specific religions, religious organization, practice, and beliefs aren't quite fully reverse connected.  Government, economics, education, and families are also having nations connected back to them before I return to developing them in moder detail.


Culture, anthropology, and personal studies are being linked from nations so I will be able to go both directions, but this will take a while yet.





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