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The application of later history to prehistory is progressing. The application of sociology is more interesting. More nations and peoples have neolithic remains dating to approximately this period and show evidence of settled communities and agriculture. I am still working on the application of elements of social structure and change. The social institutions can also be applied to some extent. Culture still needs development. I also have the major natural sciences applied to this period, but there are still a few things to finish.

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Middle prehistory is somewhat more interesting to me than early prehistory. Developments of this period include the spread of behaviorally modern humans over the earth. Developments of customs, art, and technology can be traced into this period. I don't quite have the connections to the 19th century and major peoples of the world quite where I want, but stone age cultural developments, hunting and gathering societies, and the earliest developments leading to agriculture can be examined. I can trace institutions to this period, and elements of culture including especially material culture. Anthropology and the fundamentals of the human body will be important, and I still need to link more of the sciences.

Posted By Confutus

It's obviously been a while since I updated. I think it's time I reviewed where I am and what I have been working on. I am still occupied with history, although there hasn't been much change to the main page. I have an interest in going back to the beginnings of what is known about prehistory. For early prehistory, I now have a summary of the major subdivisions and a sketch of what is known of human origins and evolution during those periods. The major areas of African, Asian, and European peoples are present and accounted for, although I am trying to get more Asiatic peoples included back to this period. Connections to Stone age developments and hunting and gathering society are present. Institutions are not well developed for this period: More comes from material culture. Anthropology has to do with fundamentals of society, but these aren't quite fully linked to prehistory, and the details of personal studies and science aren't yet fully linked. Much of the detail of prehistory will depend on progress in these areas, so it is an area of continuing work.




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