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I keep progressing steadily with history. I'm still reversing the connections to nations. I finally finished the 16th century, so that I can give more attention to classical and medieval times, and finishing the 20th century. 

I ran into a bit of a snag whn trying to reverse the connections from particular areas of culture, but this should be resolved fairly easily. I also made good progress on connections with Anthropology.


Although this project of reversing the connections to nations is important, to give the particular nations access to other parks of the knowledge base, it is often rather mechanical. I have a few other subjects that generate more least for me, that I will be introducting in a bit.

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The grand project of reversing connections from history to nations is rolling on. Most of  of the connections from Western civilization to early medieval and late  medieval periods were already done.  I hade hoped to get through the 16th century and 17th century, but didn;t quite finish them.  I can start of the late 190th century, since the early 20th century, early mid 20th century, and mid 20th century are all significantly further advanced. 


The connections of nations to culture in general are finally done. The speicific ares of culture are not yet so well connected to nations, so reversal of those connections should go more quickly.   With connections to culture done, work on connections to anthropology should pick up speed.




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I keep trying to create a short summary of what I am working on, and what I ought to be working on, and it keeps getting out of hand. I finally managed to do one.


In history, there is only a little bit going on in  classical and medieval history, until the 16th century is more advanced. I had the illusion that I was "almost done" with reversing the connections to nations in modern history, since the general-level 16th century and 17th century are getting close. The 17th century is well into Africa. The 18th century has had the nations reversed, but will need more connections to nations. The 19th century is still not quite ready for me to examine the late 19th century.

   There is quite a bit of connection to be done in the 20th century, but before I get to the other areas, I still need to finish the reverse connection of nations. I thought I was making more prgress than I was, but the late-mid 20th century is now connected back from all nations it connects to. I am interested in getting the earlier periods connected, so this time I skipped over the late 20th and early 21st century.

  I also skipped over most of sociology, since this is being handled indirectly by making connections to history. Connections of communities, and social structure and change are being skipped for now. Likewise, connections of communities are being skipped for now

   I made some substantial progress on linkinng culture back to nations, but it will still take a day or few to get through this.  I would like to begin serious work on getting Anthropology, personal studies, and science connected, but for now, this is waiting on the nations connected to getting culture in general. .


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It's not always easy coming up with meaningful titles for what is mostly routine activity. Most of my historical connections were made in modern history. I finally accomplished the reversal of Western civilization in the 16th century as far as it goes, which admittedly isn't very far yet. With the 17th century I am still going through Asia. For the 18th century I decided to connect some cities.


The 20th century was a little more significant. I touched on the history of Mexico in the early 20th century. At least now I have some notion of who Porfirio Diaz was, and why it's not wise for an incumbent in office to announce his desire to retire, and then run for re-election, especially if he keeps the habit of rigging elections in his favor. This has some personal interest for me, because a number of my relatives a couple of generations back were living in the Mormon colonies in Mexico, and were forced out during the Mexican Revolution.


I also touched on Northeastern Europe between the World Wars, on Iraq during and after World War II,  (and now I have an idea of when the late unlamented Saddam Hussein came to power, if not exactly how, and I got the Iran-Iraq war in the right decade ( from the Iraqi side, anyway). I'm just barely getting started with Africa in the 1960s and 1970s, and that's going to be a can of worms, with all the independence movements that were going on. I'm not quite finished with American indians between 1980 and 2000. 


I don't have much more comment for the most recent few years. I am still working on 2009, creating links back to it from particular nations, and expanding the coverage of 2010.


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Yes, lurkers, as of now there is a new update to the SKB.

The latest version has mostly the things I've been discussing in these blog posts.


  For modern history, I have a summary of  the major Anglic (that is, principally English-speaking) peoples. The 18th century is now connected to by the 144 nations that appearn in the main list.




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