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Posted By Confutus

I finished rewriting the section of how modern history. depends on the US. This will permit some examination of how other anglic peoples have connected to modern history, and how the 20th century in particular has been influenced by the United States and its regions,


I finished the connections of nations to the late 2000s, or the past five years, and have made significant progress on making connections to the current year, 2010.  I did not get as far as connecting 2010 to all the nations on the list, so making the connections back won't take as long, and I should be able to finish this in a day or two. 


Posted By Confutus

I don't have too much useful to report. There's an update coming soon. I've been going through history, trying to reverse the connections to nations so that the nations are connected to periods of history, which is helpful to nations but not very much to history. That's probably because I don't have a lot of content in the references. In order to get that, I've decided, I need to start digging into the relationships among nations, and to the institutions of society.  I've been putting that off until I have a better job with nations.


I've managed to get the 144 nations all connected to history, modern history, the 20th century, and the early 2ist century, thus supporting the bridge to current events that I was talking about before. Most of them are also connected to the late 2000s.  I had given up tracking current events in January, since I didn't have these reverse connections back to history, and I really do need them in order to digest a raw dump of events. However, I'm close enough to having everything connected to the last 5 years that I can look forward to getting connected to the current year's events.


So, will that finally let me start adding significant content? I don't know...there is still an awful lot of work to do in building up religion, government, economics and the like. But I will see what happens.



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