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Posted By Confutus

I got to a certain point in proceeding where I had left off in analysis of current events, and decided that I was close enough to jump ahead to the present. I've now bridged the gap and have pages with week-by-week listing of events for the past nine months or so. Not all of these are well analyzed or digested, but just having the raw material is a step forward. The next step is to go deeper into analysis, and I begin this by taking the events of a given day and categorizing them. This is now done for January and February of this year,  March is mostly done but not quite finished, April isn't quite halfway, done, May is mostly done, and for June I am starting to work with events of last week. 


My ISP informs me that my site is being moved to another server: same domain name, but different IP address.


Posted By Confutus

After getting a bit more caught up on ancient history and the interconnections among nations and peoples, I've come back around to review of current events. The last couple of times I stepped away from current events to look at other necessary supporting topics, it took me about a year to get back to it, which left some huge, and I still have still unfilled gaps. This time, it only took four months, and I have enough of the rest of the supporting structure in place that I should be able to get caught up a little bit more easily this time.  I'm currently working on organizing and then summarizing major events of February and March of this year,  with some preparation for looking at nations in the current quarter. 


I now have about 20 of the most populous nations fully interconnected, with others interconnected to a lesser extent..


I've also begun extending the connections of nations to religion, particularly the Abrahamic religions.  Since so much of the current news is so closely connected to government, I will be anxious to get to this, but in spite of the lack of emphasis in current events, I walt to give more attention to religion.  I'm tempted to comment on some of the current political controversies, but there are so many people offering uninformed, or semi-informed opinion about them that  I want to do is provide some historical and religious and philosophical background.





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