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The project of connecting nations has led to the 2nd millennium BC.  I was surprised to learn that all my Western civilization and World history books treat this period rather scantily, in spite of giving a chapter or two each to them. Most of them deal with matters of law and society, and touch on only a few of the more famous rulers. Nevertheless, I did make some progress.


This is an important and somewhat controversial period. The second millennium BC has the Middle and New Kingdom of Egypt, the Hittites, and the old kingdom of Babylon. The origins of the Hebrew Bible seem to fall in this period, which make it an important period. It appears that the majority of scholarly opinion puts the Israelite Exodus from Egypt about the 13th century BC.  I believe this is about two centuries too late, and would put it in about the 15th century BC. I don't have a great deal of evidence for this, yet.  Many of the details of this period are obscure and clouded by academic controversy anyway, and it will take a deal more study than I have been able to do to clarify them.


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The development of European antiquity has been progressing. One of the things that I have noticed, looking at Wikipedia and other sources that I used, is that there is still enough difference of opinion among scholars who study European prehistory to cause some confusion. Different authorities who write about different nations tend to have different emphases, so it is going to cause some difficulty to create a general European time line. Part of the difficulty is that I have a limited set of nations to work with, and there are considerable gaps. Another is that the study of nations isn't very fine-grained: different parts of the same modern nation may have had very different bronze age cultures, so that a map of peoples in antiquity looks quite different from a modern one.  However, the confusion of the opinions among experts is real enough that a sketch of this period has to be somewhat tentative.


I'm starting to finish up the connection of nations back to classical and medieval time periods, and as I do so, the need to connect social structure and change to nations is coming up. I have more or less set this aside for some time, because I wasn't quite sure what to do with it, and as a result its development is behind where I think it ought to be.  I've been anxious to get on to the development of religion and government, but...not quite yet.


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I have been working on the connections of nations and antiquty. I've gone back to the 5th millennium BC for the United Kingdom and Spain, revised the outline, and included a little more information. It isn't very much, because Prehistoric European archeology is one of those domains of experts that doesn't seep out very well to the general public. But there is a little bit.  I expect to be working on this more. 


I have also been expanding the range of nations connected to particular social changes, such as the agrarian revolution, as I call it, and the Industrial revolution. I will be working more on this because it ties in to antiquity, and because I have put it off for some time while working other things. 


I finished the reverse connection of nations to anthropology. Going forward, I will be connecting these to more nations, and the nations to the various aspects of anthropology. There are only about a dozen nations connected to biography, but improving these connections will very much needed, especially for the more recent periods of history.




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