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Posted By Confutus

I found a discussion on the social science of Mormonism to be noteworthy.


I think I'm going to be referring to the irony of the Lendingtree commercial, which offers a loan as the solution to the problem of overwhelming debt, with some frequency.


I don't think I'm going to say anything about the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy for a little while. 


I had a fairly lengthy rant on my opinion to the health insurance proposal, but it disappeared into cyberspace.  It appears to be headed for defeat in Congress, and I hope the proposal fails, because I think it's bad public policy.


I noted with some interest an article which was discussed at  by Ed Morrissey at HotAir, which refers to an economist who blamed Hoover's deals with labor unions for the depth of the Great Depression.


I was also vastly amused by a quote attributed to David Brooks.


That first encounter is still vivid in Brooks’s mind. “I remember distinctly an image of–we were sitting on his couches, and I was looking at his pant leg and his perfectly creased pant,” Brooks says, “and I’m thinking, a) he’s going to be president and b) he’ll be a very good president.” In the fall of 2006, two days after Obama’s The Audacity of Hope hit bookstores, Brooks published a glowing Times column. The headline was “Run, Barack, Run.”…

Pant creases as a prognostication of the future? I suppose it's no worse than haruspicy or reading tea leaves, but it should probably be taken about as seriously.  

Posted By Confutus

Among other things I mean to discuss from time to time is progress on the knowledge base. Some time back, I decided to focus heaviily on recent history, as recent as the past month, so that i would be able to discuss current events.  I  became somewhat frustrated because the knoweldge base  was all skeleton and no content,   When I began including historical events (From Wikipeda), I found that these required substantial digestion, and began a program of including nations in the knowledge base. The whole thing is still horribly incomplete, but I have returned to the " bridge" Idea, and begun expanding history, its most recent subdivision modern history, the 20th century, the early 21st century, and so on to the most recent month. The pages for individual months of the last four years are the largest and badly need to be digested and broken down. In the process, material will begin to flow to other parts of the knowledge base.


I also began something I have been procrastinating for some time, which is to look at the usage records for the SKB and determine which areas are most frequently viewed, which should help determine what would be most helpful to visitors.  I am finding find that the areas where I have put the most time in development are not the ones that are most visited, which will probably change what areas i work on  from now on.


Posted By Confutus

Hello, reader


Many years ago when I was doing some independent study in the BYU library, I began outling possible careers or industries. Before I knew it, this outline had blossomed into a vision of the unity of knowledge.  Rather more recently, after wrestling with paper-and-pencil and some computer  versions, I decided to put it on the Internet, under the name of Sapience Knowledge Base. 


At about the same time I started the current version (now 5 years old)   Although I  have several old blogs on Blogger, this latest attempt is new. I'm reusing the title of my first one, since it fits the theme of what I will be discussing.


The  original "From the Ground" mostly discussed a hike across part of the country, until I reached where I now live. I decided to stop including some of my personal information, and started a new one, "Independent Learning", which mostly discussed the Sapience Knowledge Base, and another,  "Confutus Says", which had some of my commentary on current events.  I've decided to merge the two again under the old title.  I consider this as something of an intellectual journal, and I hope that readers find things here worth reading.







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