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I finished the rewrite of aids to history and began to start cycling through them again. It should go faster this time, but several subjects have been developed, and there will be new pages going in that will need to be connected.  I thought about adding more nations to those that are being applied to history, but decided against it because a couple of these are African nations, and the peoples they would belong to still need to be reviewed.


The rewrites of aids to classical and medieval history and modern history advanced far enough that I can resume the rewrites of prehistory and antiquity. This will allow the possibility of reviewing histories of the major groups of western peoples. There may not be much change in the earlier periods, but the later periods do need to be reviewed.  The program of adding connections to other nations is also progressing. As I think I mentioned, at one time I had set these aside, but  since then there has been enough development in history that I can start to pick these up.


The broader - based review of connections is still producing updates and changes in pages that hadn't seen development in a year or two or three. For instance, in the 20th century, I now have references to when the League of Nations existed. I am not a great fan of military history: it's one of many topics in which I have a minor interest, but back in the beginning when I was working heavily on a biographical basis for history, I accumulated a number of references to wars and battles, and had a fairly lengthy list of them. This has now been chopped up into periods so it isn't quite such a lengthy, formidable looking list.


There are also a number of topics mentioned in social change, Asiatic religion, government activity, and philosophy which don't yet have pages created for them.  These lacks are starting to get severe and irritating enough that I expect to be creating several new pages soon.


Posted By Confutus

For History in general, I have finished the review and rewrite of how material culture, anthropology, and personal studies are connected, and am almost done with th review of science. Before long, I will have gone all the way through them and should be ready to begin another cycle.  For Classical and medieval history, I have finished reviews of the Middle East, South Asia, and Central Asia, and religion. For modern history, I have finished reviews of the application onf Oriental peoples, Southeast Asian peoples, and begun working on African peoples. I have also done reviews of the application of government, economics, and education. I'm starting to make better progress on reviews of the 19th century and 20th century.


For sociology, I have done reviews of education and families, and am now working on a review of how conceptual culture applies. There has been some progress on reviews of peoples, but not as much as I would like.  In the process of going through Balkan peoples, I decided that it was time to break this up into sections and add a few new pages for it.  I've been going to do this for months how, and it's been one of the chief obstacles keeping me from  adding and connecting more nations.  It's done, so I can start incorporating these new pages into the next rewrite of history.


There is an increasing demand for work on institutions, particularly religion and government. So far, this is far behind the other subjects, but I should be making more progress before long.


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Since the knowledge base is so big and easy to get lost in, I have been using a development guide to help keep track of what I am working on in different parts of it. I decided the one I have been using puts too much emphasis on the wrong things, so I started over. This time it's going a little bit better.


For history in general, I have been making connections to the conceptual culture area: things such as philosophy, applied science, mathematics, literature, graphic arts, and language. This has led to making more additions and links to files I haven't touched since I created them three years ago, so I'm pleased.  I've been wanting to get to those subjects.  For Classical and medieval history, I've been doing a review and rewrite of the application of Middle Eastern peoples. I've also been doing a survey of religion as it applies to those peoples.   For Modern history, I've done the Middle Eastern peoples, South Asia, and I'm now moving to Central Asia and working with government.  For the the various centures of modern history, I've principally been doing review of Western peoples.


I did a major rewrite of the introduction to Sociology, which now (or will, at the next update) discuss how the organization I have used relates to the traditional organization of sociology and anthropology. Sociology is a little behind history in making connections to other areas. I've done a revew of how government as developed so is of use to sociology, and am working on economics, and on behavioral culture.  For peoples of the world, I've been doing a rewrite of modern history and connections with government. For Western civilization and Asiatic peoples, I have decided that I'm going to handle reversals and reverse connections among nations in a way similar to what I have done with history.  Some time ago, I gave up on developing the interconnections among nations because it seemed too artificial. Now that the links to history has been developed and several other subjects connected to nations, I will be resuming work on these, The governing principle behind the arrangment for each nation is intended to be that the largest and closest groups of related nations should appear first.



Posted By Confutus

Some people have way too much time on their...well.


After pouring a couple of days into getting nations connected all the way back to early prehistory so I could do an even development, I decided that I wasn't going to do much with prehistory after all. That happens fairly often. But the links are there for when I need them.

For history in general, I'm reviewing how various elements of culture are useful, and in the process making their connections back to history. There are pages I hadn't touched in three years that are finally seeing some activity. As I progress through classical and medieval history and modern history, more of those will be called on and consequently better developed. 

I'm doing much the same thing with sociology, which isn't too far behind history. Religion and government are being used more often, which is where I want future development go go.





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