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Posted By Confutus

I mentioned doing  historical summaries for July and for the third quarter so far. I started them, but both were rather disappointing in their lack of depth, mostly because I hadn't developed the connection to enough nations.  I hope to be able to improve on tthat this week.  Now that it is halfway through August, I hope and expect to be able to keep up with an August summary.


One of the difficulties with doing these summaries is still the undeveloped state of nations and peoples. Adding one nation doesn't seem to accomplish much, but the way I am developing the knowledge base, the secondary and side effects may be more important than the direct consequences.


Perhaps even more important is the addition of world cities. I've added Nagoya, Lima, and Chicago to the list. That makes 28, which is too many to keep in mind all at once, but not enough to properly allow the examination of particular nations and peoples.


Posted By Confutus

It's been April since I made an entry here. I took a mong-long break from working on the knowledge base, but I resumed and concentrated on tracking current events and expanding the connections among nations.


My version of the knowledge base is now sufficiently live to track current events, and I have been keeping up with them for a couple of weeks now.  I have a summary of events for the month of August and each week in it. The most active current project is a similar summary for July, and another for the third quarter so far.  It seems like a lot of work for small result, but a great deal of it has been overhead and scaffolding that will make it easier to more rapidly construct summaries of weeks and months.


I find that I don't have enough nations or cities connected to do enough analysis of the United States at a finer level than the early 2010s. These are also an immediate project, but I want to at least get the summaries for July and August done.


I had thought the protests in Egypt over the removal of Mohammed Morsi had subsided, but evidently not. This will most likely be a source of unrest for some time to come.





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