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I've made a little progress on the bridge to current events. I may have mentioned that this is including a gradual rewrite of the main history page. I've made progress through the prehistory and antiquity summaries. It's still going to take some time before I get to actual events, because according to my present priorities,  the effort gets split three ways when I get to particular years, and even more when I get to particular quarters.


I mentioned that my analysis of pages that are actually being hit is influencing some decisions.  I colleded the human geography files and put most of them in a new folder, so that if anyone has linked to them, those links will be broken. As always, the higher-order pages are the more stable and the less likely to get moved around.




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One of the latest ideas going around is the idea that

"No one should die because they cannot get access to health care, and

no one should go  broke because they get sick.  I've encountered this recently in a couple of different places. such as here and here.


Those sound like good ideas. However, I'm hesitant to endorse them, because there are a great many things that also should not be in our society: Such as, no one should be murdered, or assaulted, or robbed.  We live in a imperfect world.


What is often  further implied with these statements, is that the US Government should be committed to health-care or insurance reform. The unspken, tacit assumptions that often go along with these high-sounding principles have sometimes had highly undesirable consequences.  Even if I agreed with this idea, and I do, although tentatively, because I don't know how much emphasis this idea should be given compared to other shoulds and should nots in society,  I'm wary of the secondary assumptions.


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Although I worked on the bridge to current events for a couple of rounds, I didn't hit any significant milestones. I did take a minute to connect a few nations to African peoples, which set off a chain reaction. For one, all the nations so far on the list have a listed connection to Africa. For another, I am now free to consider other aspects of African peoples. I am also free to examine nations connected to American Indian peoples. There were enough connections made to Eastern Africa that I was able to divide up this group of peoples, which can now be applied to all other pages where East AFrica is connected.


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I just noticed a call for papers from the Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology at Utah Valley University at New Cool Thang. ( it was still Utah Valley State College when I got my Associate's Degree there).  I'm somewhat interested in philosophy, but I'm still a bit skeptical of it. I'd really like to see philosophy discussed from an LDS perspective, rather as Hugh Nibley did it,  ("The World and the Prophets") rather than the LDS views discussed from the philosophical point of view, as I suspect will be done here. But since I'm at best an armchair amateur, there is probably little I could contributed, or be allowed to contributed, to such a gathering. 


Since I'm going to be discussing the US Federal Government from time to time, I might as well lay out where I stand. 


I do not think Barak Obama is doing well as President, I never trusted him from the beginning of his campaign, and do not approve of either his political philosophy or the job he is doing. I take note the criticism of of his pace in appointing officials as expressed in the New York Times not long ago.


I also do not approve of the job the US Congress is doing. I oppose the evident corruption and hypocrisy of many of those who occupy the Senate and the US House of Representatives.


I also do not approve of the job the US Supreme Court is doing. I believe that the Court has essentially gutted the Constitution by declaring that it means whatever the Court decides it means. What is left is the form, and not the substance, of what the founders intended, and their ideals are upheld by the remaining  traditions of the people, not law.


Having said this much, I believe in a restoration of the Government as the founders intended it, rather than overthrow or replacement, as a certain number of radicals on both ends of the political spectrum have advocated. I hope to bring in fact-based discussions  from time to time, as I continue to do more studies in history. I cannot claim to be unbiased, though I will try to be fair, and civil.  I expect  commenters to do the same.





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There is not a great deal to report today. I mostly worked on the bridge to current events, but older periods of history have also been expanded a little. I rewrote the "about" section to point to this blog instead of the older one.  



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