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For social structure and change itself I didn't get very far beyond connection to a lttie more history. The subdivions of social change, social types, and social structure got a little better connected to each other.  I also did a little more in history in general, improving the connections to anthropology and extending the connections to specific nations to get all six major subdivisions to Wesern Civilization. The next area to work in is in the development of institutions.



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Before attempting communities, I did a revew of South Asian peoples.  I couldn't do as much as I wanted with communities, but I did make some progress on connecting them with history. The most fun was doing bettir connections of specific communities such as Tokyo, Seoul, Mexico City, and New York City.

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I got further down the list of nations and especailly made more connections to economics and government. I decided that I need to to backtrack and make more commections to science, personal studies, and anthropology.

I did review and some revisions of the main pages for of Western Civilization, Anglic peoples, Latin peoples, Asiatic peoples, and Oriental peoples.  These were for the most part fairly disappointing, because I still lack specifics. I hope to improve this this when I go back and take another pass through history.


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I got this subject more deeply connected to details of government and economics, and into culture as far as language. I also went through the list of individuals and got most of these individuals connected, which is a step toward better biographies.  Peoples of the world have better connections to institutions. Nations are better connected to social change, although these connections are incomplete. Social types and social structure are already connected.

The United States has another level of connection to social structure and change which is starting to become meaningful. The connections to religion and government are starting to develop and will become more significant in future cycles. I have also connected China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, and Nigeria to more specifics of communities, social structure and change, and institutions. This was as far as I got down the list of nations: I expect to do more today.


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A review of the early 20th century prompted a sketch of the 20th century of Russia and the USSR. This has been important enough to be especially interesting. The early mid 20th century brought a review of the Philippines back to that point, and the mid 20th century a brief review of Thailand.  The late mid 20th century has enough nations connected that adding another medium sized one  seemed less useful than going into more detail on peoples. For the late 1970s, one line about the Carter administration in the United States is inadequate, but expansion will have to wait. I want to pick up more of earlier history before I go into more detail in the late 20th century or finer divisions, so I skipped to Sociology.

For Sociology in general, I got through a review and expansion of connections to religion before running out of steam for the day yesterday.



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