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I moved forward from classical and medieval history into modern history. I added notes for the United States in the mid 19th century, China in the late mid 19th century, and India in the late 19th. I also did a review of the 20th century and improved the connections to several areas of social structure and change and institutions.  The improved perspective offers some incentive to go back into earlier history, but the need to give better background for current events dictates that I move forward into the early 20th century.



Posted By Confutus

I have recently begun an increased focus on classical and medieval history. I have a summary of China for late classical times. For modern history, there has been a better focus on the 19th century, with a summary of the United States in the late mid 19th century. Following the same pattern would suggest better development of the late 20th century. This is somewhat complicated by the presence of international economic and political groups, which have not yet been pursued deeply enough.


The addition of nations is going foward. One of the milestones is Sweden which, after it has been connected to other nations, will let me complete the subdivisions of Western Civilization.





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