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The bridge to current events went routinely, and on the next to last span, I have all the nations I am going to link to until it is complete listed for development, which makes that part of is roughly halfway done.  I made a significant effort to get through a round of development so that I could go into more events of October, which didn't reveal much this time around, but I didn't make it.  For one thing, I mostly skipped over September to get to October, and how I need to to develop this to cover the gap from August.  For another, I got seriously bogged down in updating historical references among peoples of the world. I'm afraid this situation isn't going to improve much soon,  because the more nations I invigorate through connections to the current month, the more it's going to require revision of their histories, and in the case of the smaller nations, it's going to require turning the page upside down.  I expect the principal focus of my efforts to be  shifting from history, where it has been, to detailing nations and peoples, anyway.  On the positive side, it's easier to keep up than to catch up.


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I have finally reached an important point I have been aiming for. The bridge from history to the current month is now sufficiently connected that I can begin using it as the basis for a discussion of current events. So far, I have only a couple of days and a few nations analyzed, but enough of the necessary preliminaries are sufficiently complete  that I can start doing the kind of analysis I have been working toward.



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Many events that gain world attention appear to be of only passing interest. I will be attempting to note what I think are the most significant ones.


Among the international events and developments I've been rather idly noticing is the gradual transformation of British Government, for instance in the recent creation of a Supreme Court in place of the Law Lords. I wonder who appoints the Justices and whether or on what grounds, they can be removed.  


I have seen increasing attention to Mexico's problems with drugs in the past few years, and I wonder what kind of remedies the Mexicans will attempt. In general, they don't have as much a fight over the rights of the accused as the US has had, but they have had a notable history of police corruption.


Indonesia has been having what looks likes more than its fair share of major earthquakes, I once noticed an attempt to map geological stresses in points in California: I wonder whether there is any thing like going on in Indonesia.


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Since the update, I've been taking a somewhat different approach to the development of the knowledge base. There have been enough pages that have solidified, so to speak, that I can use them as a base to go working on the aids, which gets me to topics like religion, culture, and anthropology that I have been neglecting.

To begin with, the "Future" section has been lagging rather severely behind the rest of history,  and it's been getting pushed. There were a couple of times, last year, and two years ago, that I tried pushing this section, but I couldn't sustain the effort, and it died, leaving some litter. I've taken this up again., and will be doing some cleanup. Modern history is still focused on the 20th century. The early 21st century is tantalizingly close to being solid, but not there yet. The late 2000s have progressed as far as culture, and 2009 is being connected to cities. The whole year is being slowly advanced, since I have quite a few pages that are being driven. I now have a continuing series of months up to and including the present. Before long, I'll be able to use the Knowledge Base as a foundation for discussing current events, which is something I've been reaching for but couldn't quite get to before.  Older history, last year, the previous five, the last 20 years of the 20th century, the 19th century, and classical and medieval century seems less immediately important, but will all be necessary.

Along with the push for more supporting areas, I'm working on solidifying the Western Civilization page. Communities are also being pushed  by reviewing the nations list to see which nations are linked to cities within them. There are still a few small states that are dominated by one large city, somehere toward the end of the list.

Religion is within a few countries of having that part completely connected, and the culture page is connecting to communities.



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The updates I've been describing (Knowledge Base Progress 1-12) have finally been  uploaed to the Internet and are live. 




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