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Most of what I've been working for the past week and ah half is history, but I'm making progress. I've used the metaphor of a "bridge" to current events. When one page is connected as fully as possible to other pages, I consider it to be solid, rather than green or growing. New lings can't be added until new pages are created (  or I  released for general addition). The bridge is now solid from History in general, Modern history,  and the 20th century, mear;u sp fpr tje early 2ist ceintury. The connections to nations are solid through the late 2000s and the the year 2009. The part that is still green and growing is the current quarter, and the last few months, I'm not hafay through August and have just barely started September, but I'm anticipating adding the current month, October, so that I can actually begin discussing current events.

Sociology and peoples of the world, and Institutions in general, are now also solid, and I'll be giving increased attention to Western Civiliation, Religion, and culture for a while,




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