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I've already mentioned the Fort Hood shootings: The evidence is piling up that the perpetrator was indeed motivated by the same Islamist beliefs that motivated the attacks on the World Trade Cener eight years ago.  This act was a violation of his oath of enlistement as an officer, a betrayal of his fellow soldiers, arguably treason "making war on the United States", and coldblooded, premeditated murder.  Even by tenets of the religion he professed, he was an oathbreaker and a murderer. Justice demands that he be given the exact degree of mercy he gave to the 14 dead (ai;m counting the unborn child, too) and the 40 odd wounded he left.  


The proposal to try the terrorists responsible for Sept 11, 2001 in New Yokr City under the same protections afforded US Citizens, has sparked outrage.  This is because, at least since the Warren Court of the 1950s, the US criminal justice system is biased in favor of the accused, and everyone knows it.  There is a non-negligible possiblity that these men will walk free for any number of reasons: Bias of the judge,  technicalities regarding admissibility of evidence,  manipulation of the jury selection process,  or any other reasons.  For those who remember the OJ Simplson trial, and saw his legal team turn his trial for murder into the trial of the LAPD for racism and win, it is not unreasonable to fear that a legal team of experts funded by oil money could turn this into a trial of the american government., and that the legal process of discovery will uncover information that ought not be revealed to our enemies.  The outrage and the fear is because we cannot be assured that the judicial process will actually  convict those who are clearly guilty.


Then there is Obama's latest diplomatic blunder in bowing to the Emperor of Japan.  It is longstanding precedent that the President of the US, as a head of state in his own right, does not bow to any foreign monarch. This makes a mockery of earlier protestations that he wasn't really bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia a few months ago.



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There is the possibility of a war between Venezuela and Colombia. Back in August, Hugo Chavez broke off diplomatic relations with Colombia. In September, he was announcing the purchase of Russian-made missiles, a $16 Billion dollar oil deal with China, discovery of a huge new offshore gas fiend. Last month, he was arresting alleged Colombian spies. This month, he is moving troops to the border with Colombia and warning his citizens to prepare for war. It could be he actually means it.




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As promised, the latest batch of updates to the Sapience Knowledge Base is now up on the web.


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I've reached something of a break point. I have the 2009 page almost fully connected to government pages, and II have the fourth quarter 2009 page almost caught up to where the third quarter 2009 page is in development. I should have a sociology page split off from the 2000 page and updates to the historical part of the  site map done by tomorrow, and I expect to publish the latest round of updates to the web tomorrow, also. 



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I've been continuing progress on my historical bridge to current events. 2009 is well under construction, and I'm just about to finish its connections to religion. The fourth quarter of 2009 is now fully connected to all the nations I have listed,  I've been keeping up progress on November, the current month, and last month. for last month, October, I've been workking on analyzing events, and have all but the last ten days analyzed.  I've also been working back into the past, a little, into the third quarter analyzing events of September, August, and July, although there is still quite a bit to be done. 


The biggest events of the month in the United States have dealt with the results of the November 4 elections. I was watching the Congressional election in New York District 23, and was surprised to see the Republican candidate Dede Scozzofava first drop out of the race after dropping to third place in the polls, and then endorse the Democratic candidate.  There were many who considered her a RINO (Republican in Name Only) or even a DIABLO (Democrat in all but Label Only) who were unsurprised by this move. Not too surprisingly, she was requested and agreed to step down from the Republican leadership in the New York state assembly, after being assured of a cold reception by other Republicans.  The Democrats would welcome her votes if she were to switch parties, but  like Arlen Specter in the US House of Representatives, she might not trust her with leadership.


The 2000+ page proposed Health care bill squeaked through the House of Representatives, but still has to go through the Senate and would be subjected to the possibility of being amemded there, and then have to be reapproved by the House of Representatives. To prevent bills from bouncing back and forth in this fashion, when different versions of a bill are passed by each house of Congess, they are sent to a conference committee which hammers out the differences and sends one bill which is subject to a straight up-or-down vote in each house. Congressional rules normally require bills to be read aloud on the floor, unless there is unamimous consent to dispense with the reading. This is the normal procedure, but if even one congressman objects, the bill must be read aloud. All 2000+ pages of it.  In this case, with there so many concerns about whether the bill is even constitutional and whether the proposed reforms are affordable, it would be a good idea to slow the process down and have the various issues discussed.


The shooting at Ft. Hood also has some attention.  I haven't written much about Islam because I haven't studied it much. Most Muslins are peaceful, and many live exemplarly lives (especially in contrast to the moral sewer which Hollywood and television portray)  However, I'm prepared to believe that the shooter was a violent radical, after the kind of  the hijackers who perpetrated the destruction of the World Trade Center, and the kind who associate with al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and who are marked by their willinginess to kill, commit atrocities, and be killed in struggle against the infidel., everyone who is not a muslim.There is, regrettably, some justification in the Koran for such interpretations.


I;ll discuss other world events in another post.




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