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Posted By Confutus

From the defeated "No on 1" campaign, which attempted to keep Maine's same sex marriage law in place, as quoted in the Bangor Daily News

:No on 1" campaign manager Jesse Connolly pledged that his side “will not quit until we know where every single one of these votes lives.”

    That sounds like a threat.  If you can't win by persuasion, you'll try intimidation? It may be effective, but so are some thugs, tyrants, and criminals. who attempt these tactics.


(Edited...typos gone wild)


Posted By Confutus

The calendar has rolled over to a new month, which has required some adjustment. a month of the future has become one of the present, and December has moved from next quarter to next month.  Meanwhile, I I'm no longer treating October as part of the third quarter: This is moved, along with November, into the fourth quarter 2009.

This means something of a scramble to get development of the fourth quarter page caught up to where October already is, and although I can keep up with developments in the November without too much difficulty, October is still not quite halfway done, and I haven't yet been able to complete the analysis of one month's events  in time for the next one.

On a brighter side, I have the late 2000s (2006-2009) fully developed connected to other areas, so another span of my bridge to current events is complete, with only 2009 and the current quarter yet go go. This shortens the development cycle and will make it go faster.

I have also (finally) updated the history section of the sitemap to include pages for the current year.

As far as procrastination goes, I have postponed comment on the most recent events of November, and I expect to postpone publication of the latest batch of  developments to the web for a little bit longer yet:  Developments I've been already discussing here won't appear for another few weeks. 



For anyone that's interested in my progress on NaNoWriMo, I've reached 5395 words, but stopped for a couple of days. I need to pick it up before I lose momentum and interest entirely and fall irrecoverably far behind, but it's going to be Friday before I have the time and attention to give to it. 





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