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The structural improvements are nearly done for now. I have only touched current events lightly for the past few days, but I will be resuming this, and trying to get caught up to the present.


I have finished the interconnection of pages of social structure and change and begun applying them to nations and peoples, and the main topic of Western Civilization is fully connected. More progress in this area will come as I fill out more content and gradually split off new topics based on the analysis of historical developments and examples of particular countries.


I have also begun more of the closer look into religion I have been wanting to do for quite some time. I have been aware for some time that there is a tradition that Christianity was introduced into India by St. Thomas: I was not aware there is as much historical support for the tradition. I also expected there to be some presence of Roman Catholicism in India and Indonesia; there is a bit more than I had expected. I expect more discoveries as I progress.

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Another update with the corrected site map and other developments over the past month is now visible.


I have another round of structural improvements to do, more history and recent events, better interconnection of nations, more development of social structure and change, including application to more nations, and a little more religion.  I've noticed that I can and ought to fill out the text for a few rather spase entries connecting history, nations and peoples to social structure and change, so I will be giving some attention to that.


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I've done the structural improvements I mentioned in my last post. Current events of in Egypt and Pakistan will require another round of splitting off subsections,  but I will wait for that.  As for the site map, Ooch, Eech Ouch! It's been almost three years since I last updated some sections of it. That's been remedied, and will go on the next update.


I've also finished a pass through recent events. I still need to do some anaysis for last September before I can being improving the summaries.  January 2011 has separation of events as far as Egypt, February 2011 as far as Indonesia, March 2011 has Northeast Europe, April has India, and May has Asiatic peoples. June through September is still being analyzed. I have events all the way to October 1, and everything in place to begin  the current quarter.


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One of the reasons I haven't been more regular in keeping up this blog, is that I often don't have much to report on a day by day basis.  Most of the time, I'm working on creating links between subjects and gradually expanding existing pages. Every so often, one gets to a size big enough that I split off some part of it to its own page. New pages with new subjects are added less often.


However, there are various projects that I'm working on, and it may be more interesting to report on those various projects. At the moment, there are four of these.


The first I might call structural improvements to the knowledge base. There are a number of pages that have grown enough to split off new subdivisions, and I have put off several of these. Also, the site map is badly out of date, up to a year in some sections, and I need to get it current. In the future, my regular procedure for creating most new pages will also include creating links to them in the site map.


The second is recent history and current events. I have been going through 2010 and 2011 with successive passes, each time through linking a week to another nation, separating out connected events from the great mass, adding or revising a bit of summary, each pass extending another week. I'm pleased with the results and I want to continue.


The third is examination of social structure and change, with the topics I mentioned in my last post.  All these pages are being interconnected, and connected to more detail in the institutions and culture section, so that I can begin applying them to particular nations and peoples.


A fourth current project is the development of religion. Although most reported events are political, there are less reported religion and and quasi-religious developments which often underlie these. I am giving the religious developments a greater emphasis, and will include more of the political developments later.




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I should be doing another site update soon. I haven't quite kept up the pace on my analysis of history, but I'm creeping up on it; I now have events almost through September, so I'm only about two months behind, which is an improvement over six. 

Although most of the events tracked by Wikipedia are included, I have been reorganizing them and separating them out by region and country. Most nations haven't yet been separated out from the mass of detail, but events of Western Civilization have been separated out through May, and a few of the largest nations (India, Pakistan, China, Indonesia) have had also had events separated through March or April, so that the history of the nation can be followed.  I will gradually be adding earlier and later events as well as more nations.

I've also been working on the sociological analysis, so that I can follow major social changes and movements, social change factors and processes, types of society, and elements of social structure. I should have more information about this, by my next post.




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