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I've been working toward making a chronicle of events for at least the major nations for the past few months, and finally reached a point where I could make a decent start.  Brazil has suprisingly few reported events for its size and population. Germany has a few more, but there isn't a whole lot of recent news for it. Russia has more, largely associated with actions by President Putin. In the Middle East, Israel and Syria are getting attention all out of proportion to their size. Effects of the civil war in Syria have been spilling over into Turkey and Israel. Egypt seems to be dealing with an extraordinary assumption of power by its President.  I also have surprisingly few events for India, Pakistan, China, and Indonesia.  A better perspective should emerge when I get more of the year done.

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I'm spending a little time assembling the tools for examining the future. I have the week before last (starting November 11) now with the events all categorized by peoples, still needing refinement with more specific nations.


 I can identify the continuing Syrian civil war, the Israeli Operation Pillar of Defense, and various conflicts in Africa boiling over as some of the bigger events of last week.  I hope to have better refinement of the larger or at least more prominently mentioned nations and topics by the end of the week.


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I've seen snippets of information on subjects I've been following: the change in Communist Party leadership in China, the Hostess not-yet closure, Israel's defence, and a few others, but not yet enough to have any informed commentary. I'm still catching up on sorting two weeks worth of events, so I hope to have more later in the week.


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While in Utah, I got to see the latest Star Trek movie. Yech.  When I was young, I was a real fan of Star Trek. I guess I've grown up, because it's lost its magic. Not all the original series has aged well, but it still has moments. Unfortunately the new movie had precious few of them. It mostly became a typical action movie with lots of stunts and flashy special effects, but not enough character. I'm not sure that anyone in Hollywood knows how to write anything else anymore. 

My particular objections include the opinion that the time travel device has been overused. Star Trek has never been particularly strong on either realism or consistency, but this plot had enough gaping holes it to fly the Enterprise...make that all of Starfleet through them.  Kirk had FOUR almost-falling-off-the-precipice scenes, about three too many. He was also played as brash, cocky, and hotheaded, and convinced that the rules don't apply to him. There was always some of that in him, but this Kirk is just a kid. He cannot command himself and doesn't belong in command of a starship. For starters. I read that there are two more movies,  a trilogy in the works, but I refuse to spend money on them.


There's a nasty political fight brewing in the House of Representatives. The Senate will be too busy in a rules fight to do much. Senate Majority leader, in a display of strongarm partisan politics, is trying to kill the rules that allow the filibuster.  In the House, a number of bold Democrats are claiming that the dire warnings of financial and economic disaster if nothing is done about entitlement spending (Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid) are overblown. The Republicans will have enough of a majority to wring some concessions, but I expect the compromise to be too little, too late.


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I had been keeping up with daily entries, but I've been in Utah the past week visiting family. After a 12-hour day behind the steering wheel watching stuff go by and trying to keep it from hitting me, (successfully),  the gray matter and all its support structure is excessively fatigued.



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