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I've seen a fair number of commenters on conservative political blogs who are angry at Romney's loss, complaining that he was a RINO (Republican In Name Ony), and arguing that someone more conservative could have rallied the Republicans and beaten Obama.

Balderdash. If the Democratic advertising machine could sucessfully paint the conciliatory and generous Romney as a warmongering Ebenezer Scrooge, they certainly could have painted anyone more conservative even worse.


There is some concern that the US is headed for a "fiscal cliff" with a combination of a tax increases and spending cuts coming in January, and more "simulus" in the form of government spending to go with it. A certain number of commentators denying that it is a problem, and others actually saying "bring it on". I've thought that this is comparable to having  firemen standing by a blaze yelling "Let it Burn!" instead of trying to put out the fire.  The nation is going to find out that a) there is no Magic Money Machine to fund all the promises the government has made, b) that there is a limit to how much taxation the citizens and economy will bear without protest with, not just a recession, but a full scale depression developing, and  c)  if the government tries to make money out of thin air, we will all find out  just how little money backed by thin air is worth. Everything I see indicates that hard times are coming down. Very hard times.


A quick look at last week's news shows considerable attention given to Israel and its military action in Gaza. If Hamas has insisted on making war on a better armed, better financed, and more disciplined neighbor by raining rockets on its population,  I'm neither shocked nor appalled that Israel has decided to make war back.


Posted By Confutus

er, not much. I have extended my re-categorization of events by nations to the last three weeks, and partway to the beginning of September, but this goes slowly. I am starting a different approach to the same material, which is to look at nations and peoples and so some of my summarizing there; so I will have, for instance, Russia, or Pakistan, or Nigeria for the past three weeks.


I note that there is a controversy about Susan Rice, who is the US Ambassador to the UN, and who went on TV a few days after the attack on on Benghazi to claim that there was no evidence that this was anything other than a spontaneous reaction to a video, while General Petraeus has testified that he knew, and reported, that it had been a planned terrorist attack. Someone is lying. I have my suspicions about who and why, but there's not much I can do about it now.


I also note the demise of Hostess...I've been trying to get away from Twinkies and the like, but it looks to me like the unions figured that the owners were bluffing about demanding wage cuts or else they would have to go out of business. Evidently, it was no bluff.  


I expect to see reports about hostilities between Israel and Gaza. I think I'll save my comments on that for when I am better informed.


Meghan McCain is threatening to leave the Republican Party unless they change their stance on women's issues. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who takes Cosmopolitan as her scripture and (the late)  Helen Gurley Brown as her prophet, is not only free but welcome to go.


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I'm still a bit slow on analyzing events of the past two weeks, but I'm getting caught up before the weekend and the need to start up another week.


Something I missed commenting about were the voter initiatives that approved same-sex marriage in three states: Main, Maryland, and Washington, and the failure to approve a definition of marriage as between one man and one woman in Minnesota. It seems that the homosexual lobby has been successful in their long-running campaign to persuade people a majority of people, at least in these states, that there is nothing wrong with same-sex marriage. As a long-range prospect, this is a much more substantial foot in the door toward forcing the issue on a national level, for the courts to decide. Once the government gets into the business of prosecuting those who oppose homosexuality as homophobes, freedom of religion will be take a back seat.


I've said enough about Benghazi for now, except that the affair between General Petraus and his biographer has added another layer of complexity and confusion to the issue.


The invisibility and inefficient behavior of FEMA in the wake of Hurricane Sandy points to the need for individual and family preparedness, rather than reliance on any government agency in preparing for any disasters that may come in the future.


I barely commented about the 18th Chinese Communis Party Congress, which is as important in selecting the leaders of China as the US elections are in selecting US leaders. I still haven't seen results beying the initial report, but it may surface later.

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Getting caught up with the analysis of the last two weeks wasn't going to be all that easy.  One one hand, I've been categorizing events by nations and peoples. On the other, my source material has categories such as international relations, armed conflics and attacks, politics and elections, law and crime, business and economics, arts and culture, disasters, sports, and science and techology.  Religion gets scant mention, although it's hidden underneath a lot of politics.  

My categorization by nations so far yields not much. It doesn't, usually, until I can at least separate out the middle east from other asiatic peoples, and until I get through politics and elections.


The US failed to protect its consulate in Benghazi. It needs to be asked whether this was a failure of will (which amounts to a betrayal of our own people), or a failure of ability (which points to incompetence).  Why was there not better preparation ahead of time? Why was so little defense offered during the attack? And why has the response been to offer evasions and excuses? Those are still important questions.


On another blog I follow, the opinion was offered that we should not judge the President to be an evil man.  My response is that LDS are enjoined to seek for and uphold good, honest and wise men for public office. This requires us to make harder, tougher judgments of character than we would for ordinary individuals. My judgement of Obama is that he is neither honest nor wise enough to be fit for the office we have elected him to.  The consequences and responsibilty for whatever he may do are ours.


Posted By Confutus

I keep thinking "Just a little bit more" and I will start being able to do some real analysis, and every time, something else comes up to delay it a little. One of the difficulties, I have mentioned, is that the most important developments can usually not be identified by looking at a singe week. They unfold over several weeks and sometimes out of public sight, and I need to have a month's worth or so of events, and to have them sufficiently categoried,  before I can do much except in the vaguest, most general terms. 


I'm not impressed by the claims that Islam is a religion of peace...not when I see Islamists engaged in warfare in places as widely separated as  Nigeria, Libya, Syria, Burma, and the Philippines.  Admittedly, Christianity as practiced hasn't been all that peaceful in times past, (and I'm thinking mostly of the Crusades and the wars of the Reformation)  but then, speaking from the LDS perspective, state-sponsored Christianity hasn't been all that christian.




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