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I'm going to have to hold off on my discussion of the results on marriage proposals [initiatives]from last Tuesday, and from discussion the chances in China's leadership. I have nations linked to the future in general, and about half of them to the near's going to take a couple more days to go into last week's events properly.


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It seems that neither CIA Director Petraus nor Sec of State Clinton is going to be answering to Congress for the government's failure to protect Ambassador Williams in Benaghazi.  So, who is going to answer for it? Probably no one.


There is no hope for the future of the nation in Washington. If America is to survive, it will have to come from a renewal of local self government, starting at the very most local...the self.


I've been working on getting nations and peoples better connected to the future, including the near future and next month. Implications for the future are an important way of weighing events, which are otherwise too numerous to track successfully.


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Although I've been working on connecting recent quarters, months, and weeks to major countries, and sorting out events of the last month by countries and peoples, this does't yet produce much insight. Some events don't continue fom week to week, others resurface at intervals, and I need a little bit longer a base to work with.  


   One of the consequences of the recent election is a wave of layoffs, from companies whose executives were hoping for a Romney victory and a repeal of ObamaCare, and relief from burdnesome regulations and companies. Now that that isn't going to happen, companies are activating their contingency plans and an already dismal and recessed economic climate just got that much worse.


   Various investor's services were already threatening another downgrade of the US Bond rating if the US doesn't start to balance its budget. With further depression of the US economy, the budget crisis gets worse, as revenues shrink.


    Various conservative pundits have observed that the Democrats out-campaigned the Republicans. I had wondered about that. It was no accident that the Democratic strategists and pollsters accurately predicted the outcome..They knew something and some things, and did something, or things,  that the Republicans didn't.

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If one looks for it, there is lots of blame to find in Romney's loss..There is a lot of "I told you so" going on among his critics. A lot of people claim that he didn't fight hard enough. But the politically conservative message of small and local self government and moral self-restraint is a hard sell. We may never know whether it would have made enough of a difference if Romney had run his campaign differently and tried harder to sell it,  or if one of the other candidates had been chosen.


 But he famously said this to a heckler during the campaign:


Remind them of this, if they want more stuff from government tell them to go vote for the other guy-more free stuff.  But don't forget nothing is really free.


They do want free stuff, and they did vote for the other guy, and they did forget that nothing is really free. Not all the Obama voters, but a substantial fraction of them. 


Speaking of the future, the Israeli parliamentary elections are coming up in January, and the outcome of the US election is bound to have an influence. 




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Since I resumed work on the knowledge base, I hav been working on examining the future. Although prediction of all the details is impossible, there are some things that can be examined by looking at particular trends. 


One of the prime resources for looking at the future is the immediate and recent past, which is why I have been working on recent events more than older history. The hiatus of the past six months means a lot of work to catch up on, but many of the basic techniques are worked out. 


The past year still needs to be connected to many more nations, and the current quarter. October is far better developed than November, which has  just started. It takes a little time to fully analyze a given week, so I am bound to be somewhat behind on current events. My object is to give my examinations of the future some memory and perspctive.


 From events of mid-October, it is evident that the consequences of yesterday's US Presidential election and the civil war in Syria are ongoing matters that will merit continuing attention.  More continuing events and matters will surface as I uncover, ort out, and review other recent events.



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