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Posted By Confutus

   It's not officially over, but I've given up hope that Romney can pull out a win. The country has elected the liars over the honest men, the fools over the wise, the cowards over the men with courage, and the incompetent over the experienced. The next four years will be disastrous for the United States, as another later of economy-stifling layer of regulation comes in force, and the rule of law is disregarded whenever it becomes politically inconvenient.  

    Too many people are voted for consequence-free sex, not realizing that there is no such thing,  for unfunded government handouts, not realizing that eventually, you run out of other people's money, and swallowed the lies of the schemers and hypocrites who control the media.  

    The nation has been groaning under the increasing weight of the welfare state for decades. There is nothing left to stop its speedy collapse, in the form we have known it. 

    We have squandered the peace, and freedom, and ease our ancestors bought for us, and now we must be ready to face violence, hardship, and bondage from quarters we do not look for.




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