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Posted By Confutus
I'd start making a list of people defending ACA and and thus outing themselves as liars, idiots, or both, but it would probably be too much work for too little gain. The latest transparent ploy of the Administration is inflating the number of enrollees in the plans on to count those who have a healthcare plan in the Shopping cart, not just those who have actually completed the enrollment process. The proper targets of public outrage are now the Democratic Senators and Congressmen who voted for this disaster and who continue to defend it. Any of them who can still defend the current Democratic leadership, now that their incompetence and dishonesty has been laid bare to public view, is unfit for public office. There is no excuse for letting any of them run unopposed. The Republican Party can lead, follow, or get out of the way.
Posted By Confutus
The growing furor over the ACA isn't going to go away. This is the political equivalent of Chernobyl or Fukushima-Daiji: a nuclear disaster. will never work. It's been known by computer experts for decades that it's nearly hopeless to try to fix a badly designed system (which this is) especially while it's live and running. And ACA won't work without it. Users still can't get in to enroll, those who are uninsured by choice (cost, good health, dislike of government hassle) don't want a balky headache, data security is terrible, the output for insurers is error-ridden to the point of unusability, the actuarial statistics of the few enrollees so far are looking dismal, and most people haven't begun to see what ACA will do to to their employer-provided health benefits. And Obama is still surrounded by yes-men who are in serious denial about just those problems that have surfaced so far, and whose attempts to deflect opposition are so absurd it's pathetic. When they run out of lies , look for anger and reprisal. Time is running out for Obama to come up with a way to get ACA working within the law. He's already started ignoring inconvenient parts of the law. Rather than accept a political defeat, he probably begin ignoring more of them, and govern increasingly by executive order and fiat, which will generate even more controversy and criticism. Given that when people run out of lies, they begin responding to criticism with reprisal, Obama will see little choice but resort to increasingly obnoxious tyrannical measures and go further and further outside the law. I wouldn't mind seeing the whole rotten welfare state come down. I just don't want the Republic and the Constitution to come down with it.
Posted By Confutus
No, he is not sorry. He lied, is lying now, will keep lying, and is a liar. He said "If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. Period." Then, when cancellations began to flow in, he claims that "period" meant "if it didn't change after the law was passed". Under his leadership, the Democratic Majority in the Senate voted unanimously for legislation that would make that provision apply to nearly all of them. The potential fallout of people thinking he had made a false promise was discussed by his advisers, and he went ahead and made it anyway. This was not even a political promise of good intentions, derailed by unforeseeable circumstances, as he pretends. This was a politically calculated deceit, a promise that knew could not be kept and had no intention of keeping. It was intended to reassure his supporters and placate his adversaries. For the past month, he has been blaming opponents, insurers, and everyone except his own administration. The only thing he actually said he is sorry for is that people believed his promises. The only thing he really really is sorry for is that the site was so badly designed that it crashed on takeoff, and didn't provide enough of a cover of apparent success to blunt the public's anger when the cancellation letters began to appear. Obama has built his entirely political career on the tactics of deceit. For him to start telling the truth now would destroy it. He's squirming, but he's not nearly desperate enough yet.
Posted By Confutus
I finally finished a pass through history and have begun working on down the list of nations. I got through the United States and China, the two biggest pages, before running out of steam.
Posted By Confutus
I've been following the utter debacle that is The web site doesn't work properly and the estimate of tech-savvy people is that it's never going to work properly. The administration either doesn't have or doesn't dare release information on how many people have successfully enrolled in healthcare on the site. In the meantime, millions of people are having their insurance canceled because existing plans are not compliant with the misnamed Affordable Care Act and being forced to pay more for less coverage. The administration, the Democratic party leadership, and their defenders in the press spin yet more feeble excuses, more pathetic lies, and more empty promises that cannot be possibly kept. They are trying to blame everyone except those who were so proud of their triumph in setting up this smoking disaster of public policy. The longer they persist in denial, the worse it will be for them and the country.


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