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Posted By Confutus

The Sapience Knowledge Base turned 6 years old on Christmas Eve.  I've done a fair amount of progress in the past year.  I have filled in many of the gaps between previous stabs at history, and added pages for 144 of the nations of  the world, and done substantial work in connecting other areas to nations and peoples.


I have one more link in the bridge to current events complete, the page for 2009, just in time for the New Year. I can't quite close out the fourth quarter until the new Year, but I have everything in place to just keep going with events without having to stop and create a bunch of new pages.   I started to go deeply into the analysis of October and November, and found that Ireland has had a rather surprisingly large block of events. In the process, I wound up adding a dozen more nations, which led to some progress in organizing South American indian peoples and Central Asia, which were two large blocks that I had been putting off.


This coming year, I expect that I will be able to make progress on historical analysis. The last quarter is very close to requiring examination of particular peoples, and I expect to be able to fill in events of the previous two quarters and last year: I may even be able to get to the previous two attempts which were partly done.  I should also be able to do more in the 20th century.


I'm nearly complete on the addition of nations: All but about 8 countries of of over a million inhabitatants have been connected. Most of the remainder are small Island nations, and filing in  these will not be one of the higher priorities. in the new year.  Instead, I will be doing more work in  particular communities, which will involve subdivisions of the larger nations. I also expect to go deeper into the social analysis of nations, and have more useful profiles of the major ones.


I also expect to be able to go deeper into the histories and international scope of religion, government, economics, and education.   Although I would like to consider things such as  sports, philosophy, literature, and mathematics and the analysis of objects, I'm not sure how far I will get. 


I do not expect studies of anthropology, biography, and science to be a big focus in the coming year. There are still so many subjects in between these and the events of history and nations that it will take more time before I can get to them.



Posted By Confutus

It's getting to be about time to put the latest batch of updates to the web.


I may have mentioned that I'm doing some preliminary connections to 2010 and the first quarter. Since I've gone ahead and done these, I'm thinking of splitting off the early 21st century into the 21st century.  I wasn't going to do this for a few more years yet..


I had mentioned a few thoughts about other areas besides history i was working on, but the past week or so has been largely concentrated on the fourth quarter 2009. All three months of it have significant development, and a preliminary analysis of each day has been done. Except for October, these aren't yet fully sorted out by nations yet, but this is in progress. This is where I start going deeper into historical analysis. These three months are also each connected to government and religion., which is even more deeply and closely connected to analysis.


Posted By Confutus

  I got a bit tired of analysis and linking of particular days. I'm still about 2 weeks behind, with the gap at the end of November and events of December, and I may possibly lag a but further, since I'm working more intensively on other subjects.  As I've been working on the future, attemtping analysis of the United Kingdom in October, beginning to work backwards in time from the bridge to current events, and look more deeply at things like Latin and Asiatic peoples and social structure and change, I've noticed quite a bit of the unevennes of development, and I feel a need to fill in some gaps.

    I have been recently trying to use a  "short form" summary to indicate what areas I am currently actively working on, or what areas I need to work on next.   One thing that this shows clearly is that my explorations backward in history have a definitely uneven lengtht. The connections to the early 2000s, for instance, and to the late 20th century, are quite short and poorly developed compared to the 19th century or 2008.  I've been trying to get to groups of nations such as Asiatic peoples, and working on deep aspects of social structure and change and keep getting bogged down in history and connection to nations. The short form  outline of what I'm working on and what I want to work on is definitely needed.

    For some time, the areas of economics, education, and families have been developing much more slowly than religion and government. I have been connecting these to nations, to try to pick this up. This will open up a couple of areas of culture that badly need more attention.  I've also been working on Anthropology, which is somewhat better developed than I had thought.

    I also finished up the connection of nations and communities from personal studies and science. This is allowing work on applying  social structure and change of these subjects.


Posted By Confutus

I've done a little bit with futures studies, mostly connections with more nations, and I've rereached where I mostly left off work on the bridge to current events. I've been doing something of a review of where I am in modern history.

I've finished most of the connections of the Western Civilization page, but there are quite a few people that need to be better connected to the specific divisions of Western Civilization. I'm still working on extending the particular groupings of nations a bit further.

In the institutions, the main  Economics, education, and families pages are at a similar stage of progress, and I need to advance these before I pick up culture. Personal studies and science pages are rather far behind where the anthropology is, and for these two, there is quite a bit of catching up to do in connecting communities and cities.  

Posted By Confutus

Slow and steady.  For some reason, I feel obligated to connect everthing to all the nations before I go connecting to all the other areas in the knowledge base. This comes up all the time as a big hurdle that keeps me from working on lower-level, meatier areas. A great deal of the interest I find is in the low-level areas.


I've been dabbling in futures studies, trying to connect them to nations, and  "widening" my bridge to current events, that is, catching up with the four nations and four communities I last added, and reorganizing links to the Middle American Indian peoples.


I've also been doing a little bit more work on peoples of the world. These nearly all very much behind in their progress. I ought to have every single nation linked to all seven of the major areas of knowledge, from history through science, with an external link or two, and I have a long way to go to catch up on that. It's not that this is hard to's just that with as many nations as I have, by the time I get done with history development, I've been out of steam.  However, all four major groups of peoples are thoroughly linked to other nations. 

I mentioned that Western Civilization is almost fully connected. Just a little more science, and the next thing to do is go through the list of people important in Western Civilization and distribute them according to the groups they belong to. History and everything else get more interesting when I can get them connected to particular peoples. In order to do the analysis of history more properly, I also  need to do more work on social structure and change, and I'm getting closer to sufficiently done with the top level page I can start work on this.


The institutions, religion, government, economics, education, and families have been lagging behind. The habit has been to connect all these to nations before going any deeper, but I need to try to bypass this a little, and work on connections to things such as culture, anthropology, and science. 


Culture is well on the way to having its highest level page complete, when I get done with its connections to human geography. The anthropology page is finally connected to nations and cities, and the Personal studies page is connected to nations and working on cities, while the science page is within a few days of having all the nations connected.




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