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I've been following the Global warming issue fairly intensively for the past week or son, and haven't done much on the knowledge base. They are somewhat connected, As well as being a current event, the move to do something about Anthropogenic (mand-made) global warning is something of a social movement, tied to environmentalism. it has ties to politics, technology, and to the area I call human ecology, with some roots in biology and earth science, with other connections to astronomy, chemistry, and physics.  Since these are all in the knowledge base, but none of them developed as well as I would like, I have finally come back around to work on that.


For the main history page. I've split out separate pages for all the aids and all the subdivisions of history, which is now down to an essential core.

I've fallen a bit behind on the analysis of events. I can speed this up a little by finishing my bridge to current events, 2009 has reached human geography, my work in 2009 fourth quarter is somewhere in institutions.  October 2009 is one of the most interesting, pages, since I need to finish connecting the major aids. The analysis of events and addition of nations in the rest of Novembre is tedious enough that I want to break from it a little.  I've moved the December  2009 page out of the future into the  4th quarter of 2009,

Other areas are progressing. The culture, anthropology, personal studies, and science main pages lag somewhat behind the development of the history, sociology, and institutions main pages. In order to try to give better balance to the knowledge base, I plan to do more work on these. Most of them are already fairly well developed, but I want to fill in the gaps.  This shouldn't take too long.




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