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I decided that I'm going to have to temporarily forego the pleasure of probing deeper into the past. At several points in the past, I've gotten caught up to current events, and then fallen behind. As I've been working through a review of the largest nations and peoples, this shows up in an intermittent and spotty record.  This is not acceptable, so I need to concentrate on the last few years to get a cleaner, more continuous record of events.


At the same time, I'm also doing a little more work on the connections among nations. This is somewhat tedious, because if I want to connect two small nations, say Israel and Lebanon, that are near neighbors, I need to first go through connecting both of them to a whole list of larger nattons, such as Bolivia and Tanzania,  that may be halfway round the globe,  or not  particularly large or important themselves.  This can get tedious, but in order to maintain order in my development process, I have to do it  this way.  Eventually, the closer connections will show up.


In the current pass, France and Ukraine now have a reasonably coherent account of major reported events for the past few months.  I hope to be adding more nations and extending the accounts a little farther back. If the larger nations have a shortage of reported events, I will know that, too.


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I've finally worked through most of the overhead associated with connecting nations to 2012 and the fourth quarter 2012. December still has some overhead, but this isn't so bad. What;s slowing me down now is the connection of nations to earlier periods of history. This is letting me get glimpes of long-neglected things like the American Revolution and the Cold War.


I finally found a reference to something called Pussy Riot. A feminist Russian band? No wonder there were people making a big fuss over it. I'm not sure I know which side to take in their conflict with Putin, not that which side I take will make the slightest difference.


I've been wanting to pay more attention to Mexico: the inauguration of the new President and the policies of his administration will be something to watch. The intermittent reports on the Mexican drug war are also something I want to follow.


I had thought I was wrong about Mohammed Morsi being in political trouble in Egypt, but apparently protests are getting worse. If by some chance his proposed constitution is voted down next week, he won't survive. Syria's civil war is approaching an end of some kind, but even if the government is defeated, the situation is unclear. What is clear is that the post-war situation will be chaotic as well as violent.


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It looks like Obama is going to get his way on funding the Federal Government using the Magic Money Machine.  Very well. Put not your trust in the Almighty Dollar, because it won't be too much longer before it begins losing worth and power.  Putin in Russia seems to be attempting to make it a 21st century police state representative of the Tsarist or Stalinist bad old days. In Egypt, Mohammed Morsi seems to have overreached himself with a power grab. I would not be surprised if he is on his way out, but if he goes, I have no idea who the next sacrifice to the masses will be.


With my attempted look at English-speaking nations and Israel, I got back a little farther into events in September and October. It seems I have the tail end of some interesting developments. Warfare in the Middle East and miscellaneous violent anti-government protests in Africa don't interest me all that much.


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I've been working with the Anglic, or English-speaking peoples, trying to work their history back, alghough by the time I clear obstacles out of the way, it's not much different than any other way of doing things. President Obama's recent visit to Burma brought up ASEAN (The Association of SouthEast Asian Nations) as one of the various regional groups I wanto to be following.


I've been considering the idea of using the history of Israel as a focus for 20th century history, and it may go before that. I will try working with this and see what develops.



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I have events of the past two weeks analyzed almost up to the previous week, plus quite a few of the smaller nations connected to the current year, quarter, and month, and it's time to start a new month. I am also bringing up some tools for comparing governments and political systems. I need more practice with them.




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