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One of the latest ideas going around is the idea that

"No one should die because they cannot get access to health care, and

no one should go  broke because they get sick.  I've encountered this recently in a couple of different places. such as here and here.


Those sound like good ideas. However, I'm hesitant to endorse them, because there are a great many things that also should not be in our society: Such as, no one should be murdered, or assaulted, or robbed.  We live in a imperfect world.


What is often  further implied with these statements, is that the US Government should be committed to health-care or insurance reform. The unspken, tacit assumptions that often go along with these high-sounding principles have sometimes had highly undesirable consequences.  Even if I agreed with this idea, and I do, although tentatively, because I don't know how much emphasis this idea should be given compared to other shoulds and should nots in society,  I'm wary of the secondary assumptions.


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