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I've had a fairly busy weekend, and I've been working on the knowledge base more than reporting on it. I've just finished an update cycle and separated out several special topic pages. History in general has reached a limit because it's just about fully linked to the rest of the knowledge base, and modern history is now not much far behind it. The 20th century has a little farther to go, and the early 21st century has still farther. The late 2000s page isn't as large as i expected for as many links at it has, but the lower end (anthropology, personal studies, math) hasn't been developed nearly as much as the higher-order periods. Individual years (2007, 2008) are approaching full connections with nations, but have very little on cities and other links, and 2009 is racing to catch up.


Progress in history may slow down some as I start to spend more time on the sociology portion. Sociology in general isn't linked quite as much as history. Peoples of the world have some way to go, but I have been able to separate the connections to other areas of sociology. I'm not adding more nations to the list just yet, but all the groups of nations are now connected. Western Civilization is being examined more closely. Anglic, or english-speaking peoples have some ways to go before they are well connected, and In this area, I have been working on the British isles, including the United Kingdom and Ireland. I expect to pick up the United States again before long. I've also been looking Latin peoples including the French, and Germanic peoples. In Asia, I've begun looking at the Middle East including the Levant, and at South Asia. African and American indian peoples are making slow progress, and the American Indians have a ways to go in connecting nations. Communities are not so well advanced, but once I have nations fully connected to various periods, These will also be examined. Social structure and change has been lagging, but I will be expanding this. 


The Institutions are not so well developed, although these are wel linked to my progress in history, and almost fully linked to nations. Religion with particular religions and government have had some work.  Culture including Behavioral culture and anthropology have  quite a bit more work to do on them.


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