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Another partial round of progress through history. Most notably, I got institutions split from classical and medieval history. Most of the later periods are still wading through connections with nations, but the early 21st century and the late 2000s are working through connections with cities.


In  peoples of the world, I am making better connections with human geography, a step which is long overdue, and Western Civilization is making connections with culture, another step which is long overdue. I got as far as Anglic peoples and the United Kingdom before calling it a day.


I have three other pages scheduled to split (Asiatic peoples, Middle Eastern peoples, and behavioral culture) and several that are now being developed that should be split on the next round, but no peeking to see what they are. Given that most of the connections that are being made focus on nations, I need to give more attention to those nations. It can get a bit tedious at times, though.


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