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Many events that gain world attention appear to be of only passing interest. I will be attempting to note what I think are the most significant ones.


Among the international events and developments I've been rather idly noticing is the gradual transformation of British Government, for instance in the recent creation of a Supreme Court in place of the Law Lords. I wonder who appoints the Justices and whether or on what grounds, they can be removed.  


I have seen increasing attention to Mexico's problems with drugs in the past few years, and I wonder what kind of remedies the Mexicans will attempt. In general, they don't have as much a fight over the rights of the accused as the US has had, but they have had a notable history of police corruption.


Indonesia has been having what looks likes more than its fair share of major earthquakes, I once noticed an attempt to map geological stresses in points in California: I wonder whether there is any thing like going on in Indonesia.


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