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The bridge to current events went routinely, and on the next to last span, I have all the nations I am going to link to until it is complete listed for development, which makes that part of is roughly halfway done.  I made a significant effort to get through a round of development so that I could go into more events of October, which didn't reveal much this time around, but I didn't make it.  For one thing, I mostly skipped over September to get to October, and how I need to to develop this to cover the gap from August.  For another, I got seriously bogged down in updating historical references among peoples of the world. I'm afraid this situation isn't going to improve much soon,  because the more nations I invigorate through connections to the current month, the more it's going to require revision of their histories, and in the case of the smaller nations, it's going to require turning the page upside down.  I expect the principal focus of my efforts to be  shifting from history, where it has been, to detailing nations and peoples, anyway.  On the positive side, it's easier to keep up than to catch up.


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