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I ws commenting to a friend who has looked overy my knowledge base that I was working on history, saying that I was hoping to get caught up on current events.  He shook his head. and said "YOu'll never get caught up.  It's just too big.  I thought, but didn't know quite how to say, Maybe so. But  I don't care whether what I'm trying to do is impossible. I think its worth doing and needs to be attempted. I've said before, and I'll say it again,


You might say it's already warped my brain and eaten my soul. Just about any form of study I attempt is going to be influenced and shaped by the effort I've put into this project, and I'm in so deep I don't see any way of disengaging. I's boring and repetitive, sometimes, but not always.  I keep hoping that something will come of it.


I have been attempting to  examine nations according to what was developing as I examined day-to -day in October, but at the moment, that's not practical. There is still work remaining on the last two spans of my bridge to current events, (the late 2000s and the yar 2009),  I have quite a bit of progress on connecting nations to the third quarter 2009, but the present is a moving target, and with November about to begin, I need to split out the fourth quarter, get that page connected, and move October to it. I haven't yet managed to analyze a full month's worth of events, and I'm only about 1/4 of the way of October.  I've mde quite a bit of progress that will make doing analysis of current events easier to get to,  but it's not finished yet.




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