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I don't blog on a daily basis, often because one day's work seems to be fairly trivial in comparison to the size of the thing.  Work on linking 2009 to other topics is progressing through the culture areas, and I can speed this up a little. The fourth quarter 2009 is being linked to religion at the moment.  I got a week behind on the daily updates for November, but not so far behind that I can't catch up, and I'm also speeding up the connections to nations. 

I have reached a significant milestone for October 2009. Events of all 31 days have been distributed among countries. While this is a cause for minor celebration, the analysis of historical events for October has barely begun. However, this should speed up the cycle a little, and require a little more thought than the semi-mechanical sorting I have been doing.  The third quarter is being linked to social structure and change.  I am over halfway through September and a little less than halfway through August, and a week into July. The second and first quarters are barely touched yet.


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