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I didn't do much with history, except for keeping up a couple of days. October 2009 is now fully connected to nations.

However, at the history in general main page, I decided to start a little earlier than I had planned and make a few more connections to nations and cities. The nations (Republic of Congo, Albania, Lithuania, Uruguay) didn't do a great except prompt a division of Middle or Meso-american peoples, and this page now has a more significant introduction. I can now create non-trivial pages which will discuss Southwestern American peoples, including some of the larger tribes I was familiar with from Arizona and New Mexico; the Meso-American tribes of Mexico such as the Aztec and Maya, and the Caribbean tribes, including most of those of Central America. I have been postponing development of this area for some time, so finally getting to it is a satisfying achievement.


This will have connections to the history and development of Latin America, which has so far been rather overlooked, both in general world history and on the knowledge base. Most of these tribes are scarcely mentioned in current world events, but they do appear at a finer scale.


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