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  By stonewalling on the release of data and failure to disclose their methods and accusing those who demand it of incompetence and vested interests, East Anglia's Climate Research Unit has forfeited its claim to dispassionate unbiased scientific integrity.


  What possible purpose does it serve to withold raw temperature data? Is it data patentable? Copyightable? Militarily or diplomatically sensitive? Dangerous to the  life, liberty, property, or privacy of those who provided it? Hazardous to the public health? These are all snortworthy. The most obvious potential reason is that it might reveal a professionally embarrassing and career-destroying  dishonest manipulation of the data to fit a particular theory, gross negligence in preserving it, or both.


  Given the potential violations of the British Freedom of Information Act, the evidence of conspiracy in the e-mails and possibly scientifically illegitimate manipulation of data in the code, and the immense political, economic, and scientific consequences if the HadCRUT data is shown to be scientifically invalid, it seems to me (as an outsider) that the British Government should empower a review board to investigate the CRU, similar to those called after the failures of the space shuttles Challenger and Colombia in the US.

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